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AWS D1.4/D1.4M:2018 pdf free download

AWS D1.4/D1.4M:2018 pdf free download.Structural Welding Code – Steel Reinforcing Bars.
6.2.2 Indirect LaD Joint Separation. For indirect lap joints [see Figure 5A(B)J. the maximum separation between the bar and the splice plate shall be no more than one-quarter of the bar diameter, but not more than 3/16 in [5 mm].
6.2.3 Cross eldin1! Bars. Welding of bars that cross shall not be permitted unless authorized by the Engineer.
6.2.4 Termination of elds on Radius. Welds made on the unbent portion of cold-bent steel reinforcing shall be terminated or initiated at a minimum distance of two bar diameters from the points of tangency for the radius created by cold bending. Scc Figure J.
6.3 Control of Distortion, Shrinkage, and Heat
6.3.1 DistortIon and Shrinkaile. in assembling and joining parts of a structure or precast member, the procedure and sequence followed shall minimize distortion and shrinkage.
6.3.2 Thermal Expansion. When welding is performed on bars or other structural components that are already embedded in concrete, allowance shall be made for thermal expansion of the steel to prevent spalling or cracking of the concrete or significant destruction of the bond between the concrete and the steel. The heat of welding may cause localized damage to the concrete.
6.4 Quality of Welds
Welds that do not meet the quality requirements of 6.4.1 through 6.4.9. inclusive, shall be repaired by removal of unacceptable portions or by rewelding, whichever is applicable.
6.4.1 Weld Face. The fillet weld faces shall be slightly convex or slightly concave as shown in Figures (A) or flat, and with none of the unacceptable profiles exhibited in Figure 6.2(B). Groove weld profiles shall conform to Figures 6.2(C’) or (E) with none of the unacceptable profiles exhibited in Figures 6.2(D) or (F).
6.4.2 o (racks. Any crack shall be unacceptable. regardless of size or location.
6.4.3 (omuletc Fusion. There shall be complete fusion between weld metal and base metal and between successive passes in the weld.
6.4.4 Craters. All weld craters shall be tilled to a cross section that meets the minimum specified weld size.AWS D1.4/D1.4M:2018 pdf free download.

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