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AWS D1.8/D1.8M:2016 pdf free download

AWS D1.8/D1.8M:2016 pdf free download.Structural Welding Code Seismic Supplement.
6.18 Protected Zone
6.18.1 Attachments and Welds. Welded atachrnents, including stud welds and fasteners for the connection of other materials, shall be prohibited within the Protected Zone. Arc spot welds (puddle welds) for the attachment of metal decking shall be permitted in (he Protected Zone.
6.18.2 Erection Aids. If erection aids are required to be attached within the Protected Zone, the Contractor shall obtain the Engineer’s approval for the use of such attachments.
6.18.3 Renio’al of Welds in Protected Zone. When welds in the Protected Zone are required to be removed, removal shall be by air carbon arc cutting (CAC-A). grinding, chipping, or other thermal cutting processes. The process shall be controlled to minimize errant gouging. After removal, the area shall be ground smooth and shall be free of defects.
6.18,4 Correction of Errors. If fillet welds or tack welds are placed between the backing and the beam flange in error, they shall be repaired as follows:
(I) The weld shall be removed such (hat the fillet weld or tack weld no longer attaches the backing to the beam flange.
(2) The surface of the beam flange shall be ground flush and shall be free of defects.
(3) Any gouges or notches shall be repaired in accordance with 6.18.5.
6.18.5 Repair of Gouges and Notches. Gouges and notches in the Protected Zone shall be repaired as follows: (;rinding. When gouges and notches are repaired by grinding, the ground area shall provide a gradual taper to the surface of the base metal. In the direction parallel to the member axis, the taper shall not be greater than 1:5. In the direction transverse to the member axis, the taper shall not be greater than 1:2.5. Repair Welding of Gouges and Notches. When repairs require welding, the notch or gouge shall be removed and ground to provide a smooth radius of not less than 1/4 in 16 inml in preparation for welding. Welding shall be done in accordance an applicable WPS. Preheat shall be in accordance with AWS Dl.lfDI.IM, hut shall not be less than 150°F L65°C1. Electrodes shall comply with 6.!. Following welding, the repair weld shall be ground to a smooth contour with a surface roughness not to exceed 5(K) Jin 113 i.iiuI. AWS C4. I, criteria J1r Describing Oxygen-cut Surfaces, and Oxygen Curling Surf lce Roughnes.s Gauge. Sample 4. may be used as a guide for evaluating surface roughness of hese surfaces. After repair. the area shall be inspected using magnetic particle testing (MT). The resultant thickness of the repaired area shall be at least the base metal thickness less 1/16 in [1.5 inm].AWS D1.8/D1.8M:2016 pdf free download.

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