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AWS D14.4/D14.4M:2019 pdf free download

AWS D14.4/D14.4M:2019 pdf free download.Specification for the Desian of Welded Joints in Machinery and Equipment.
(1) When welded joints with Class I Inspection are designated, the entire length of the weld shall be radio- graphed.
(2) When welded joints with Class!! Inspection are designated, the location tested shall be a 6 in [150 mm] length of weld. The number of locations shall total 10% of the total length of the weld. When an evaluated location requires repair, two adjacent locations, one on each side, shall be tested also. If defects requiring repair are shown in either of these locations, the entire weld in that joint shall be tested. When 100% radiography is specified, the entire length of weld in each designated joint shall be tested and evaluated in conformance to 8.2.4. 1 through 8.2.4.. When spot radiography is specified, the selection of the spots, the testing and evaluation shall he in conformance to through 8.2.5..
8.2.4 Radiographic Testing. For welded joints that are to be radiographed, the weld ripples or weld surface irregularities, inside and outside, shall be removed, where practical. by any suitable mechanical process to such a degree that the resulting radiographic contrast due to any irregularities cannot mask or be confused with the image of any indication. The radiographic sensitivity shall be judged based on hole-type or wire image quality indicators (IQIs). (See ASTM El 025 and ASTM E747 [ISO 19232—5] for IQI design specifications). Radiographic technique and equipment shall provide sufficient sensitivity to clearly delineate the required IQIs and the essential holes or wires as described in and Table , and shown in Figures through . Identifying numbers shall show clearly in the radiograph. When weld reinforcement or backing or both, is not removed, or wire IQI alternate placement is not used, as shown in Figures through 5, shimming is required. The total thickness of steel between the IQI and the film shall be approximately equal to the average weld thickness measured through reinforcement and hacking. To ensure this, steel shims shall be placed under the IQI. The shims shall extend at least 1/8 in [3 mm] beyond three sides of tIie IQI. To verify the radiographic technique employed, the following requirements shall be met:
(1) Hole-type IQIs or wire IQIs shall show clearly on each radiograph. The minimum number and their required locations shall be the following:AWS D14.4/D14.4M:2019 pdf free download.

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