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AWS D14.6/D14.6M:2012 pdf free download

AWS D14.6/D14.6M:2012 pdf free download.Specification for Welding of Rotating Elements of Equipment.
D3.2.2 Radiography shall he performed in conformance to all applicable safety requirements.
D3.2.3 When the contract documents require the removal of weld reinforcement, the welds shall be prepared for radiography by grinding as per 7.4.3. Other weld surfaces need not be ground or otherwise smoothed for purposes of radiographic testing, unless surface irregularities or the junction between weld and base metal may cause objectionable discontinuities to be obscured in the radiograph.
D3.2.3.1 Extension bars and run-off plates may be removed prior to radiographic inspection.
D3.2.3.2 When weld reinforcement or backing is not removed, or wire IQI alternate placement is not used, shims which extend at least 1/8 in [3 mmj beyond three sides of the required penetrameter or wire IQI, shall be placed under the penetrameter or wire IQI so that the total thickness between the penetrameter and the film is approximately equal to the average thickness of the weld measured through its reinforcement and hacking.
D3.2.4 Radiographic film shall be Type 1 or Type 2 as described in ASTM E 94. Lead foil screens shall be used as described in ASTM E 94. Fluorescent screens shall not be permitted.
D3.2.5 Radiographs shall be made with a single source of radiation centered, as near as practicable, with respect to the length and width of that portion of the weld being examined.
D3.2.5.1 Gamma ray sources, regardless of size, shall he capable of meeting the geometric unsharpness limitation of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section V, Article 2.
D3.2.5.2 The source-to-subject distance shall not be less than the total length of film being exposed in a single plane.
D3.2.5.3 The source-to-subject distance shall not be less than seven times the thickness of weld, plus reinforcement and backing, if any, nor such that the inspecting radiation shall penetrate any portion of the weld represented in the radiograph at an angle greater than 26.5° from a line normal to the weld surface.
D3.2.6 Penetrameters or wire IQIs shall show clearly on each radiograph. The minimum number and their required locations shall he as follows:
(1) For welds joining nominally equal thicknesses, where a radiograph represents 10 in 1250 mml or greater weld length, two penetrameters or wire IQIs placed as shown in Figure D. 1.AWS D14.6/D14.6M:2012 pdf free download.

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