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AWS D15.2/D15.2M:2013 pdf free download

AWS D15.2/D15.2M:2013 pdf free download.Recommended Practices for the Welding of Rails and Related Rail Components for Use by Rail Vehicles.
9.1.9 The performance qualification of a welder or welding operator shall be affected when one of the following conditions occurs:
(1) When he or she has not welded with a process during a period of six months or more, his or her qualifications for that process shall expire.
(2) Re-qualification as a result of(l) is permitted by having the welder or welding operator make one test weidment using the same process. If the test weidment meets the requirements of this specification, then all of the welder’s or welding operator’s previous qualifications for that process, for materials, thicknesses, product forms, and other variables are reinstated.
(3) When there is a specific reason to question his or her ability to make welds that meet the specification, the qualifications which support the welding he or she is doing shall be revoked. All other qualifications not questioned remain in effect.
(4) Requalitication as a result of (3) is permitted by having the welder or welding operator successfully complete performance qualification test(s) that support the qualification(s) questioned.
9.1.10 Completion of an acceptable procedure or performance qualification test shall qualify the welder or welding operator who welded the test weldment within the limits of performance qualification variables specified in 9.6.
9.1.11 Successful qualification using the test WPS shall also qualify an individual to weld with any other WPS using the same process and within the limits of performance variables in 9.6. Qualification as a welder does not qualify the individual as a welding operator or vice versa.
9.1.12 Welders qualified on a groove weld are also qualified to perform weld buildup of surfaces to replace or repair base material with similar composition weld metal.
9.2 Qualification by Standard Test for Austenitic Manganese Steel
9.2.1 Qualification requires completion of a standard test weldment in accordance with a qualified WPS, evaluation of the test weldment by the methods listed in Table 9. 1, and acceptance of the weldment in accordance with the criteria of 9.5.AWS D15.2/D15.2M:2013 pdf free download.

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