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AWS D16.1M/D16.1:2018 pdf free download

AWS D16.1M/D16.1:2018 pdf free download.Specification for Robotic Arc Welding Safety.
6. System Requirements
6.1 Ancillary Equipment
6.1.1 General Requirements. The installation and use of any ancillary equipment shall not reduce the level of safety embodied in this standard.
This standard describes the use of ancillary equipment in conjunction with an arc welding robot. It is not intended o definc the design and construction of ancillary equipment.
All ancillary equipment shall be interlocked to achicve safe, controlled operation and to prevent hazardous motion when the arc welding robot system is not in a predetermined ready state. Electrically powered ancillary equipment shall be installed in accordance with NFPA. National Elecirkal code, and all local codes.
6.1.2 Arc Vetding Poier Sources. Arc welding power sources used for robotic and automatic welding installa tions shall be constructed and tested in accordance with NEMA EW- I, Electric Arc Welding Power Sources, lit. 551, Transformer-Type Arc-Welding Machines. and International F.lectrotechnical Commission TEC 60974-I, Part 1: Arc Welding Equi,;meni and Part 7: Torches. Additional power source safety information is provided in ANSI Z49. 1 Safety in Weldinç’, Cutting, and Allied Prncesses, and the AWS publication Safety and Health Fact Sheets, all of which arc made part of the requirements of this standard. For purposes of this standard, safety circuit performance for hand held semiauomatic power sources is adequate for robotic and automated systems.
6.1.3 Arc Welding Torches. Arc welding torches shall be specifically designed and appropriately rated for robotic welding applications. Torch and torch mounting equipment weight shall not exceed the rated load capacity recommended by the robot manufacturer. The torch insulation shall be sufficient to prevent exposure to hazardous voltage levels and to prevent leakage of hazardous current from the welding circuit. Torch utility cables shall be designed with appropriate strain relief to prevent hazards that may arise due to a cable or hose failure.
The rating of the torch shall be continuous duty in accordance with NEMA EW-3. Semiautomatic Wire Feed SysfeoLs for
Arc Welding. The torch may be used with different gas mixtures and modes of metal transfer in accordance with the torch
manufacturers specifications. The torch shall meet the requirements of IEC 60974-7, Arc Welding Equipment—Parr Z
6.1.4 Torch holder. The torch mounting equipment shall provide electrical isolation between the torch and the manipulator tool mounting plate. The torch holder shall provide repeatable torch positioning. This can include the use of collision detection interlocks or collision detection functions of the robot.AWS D16.1M/D16.1:2018 pdf free download.

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