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AWS D16.4M/D16.4:2015 pdf free download

AWS D16.4M/D16.4:2015 pdf free download.Specification for the Qualification of Robotic Arc Welding Personnel.
2. Normative References
The standards listed below contain provisions, which, through reference in this text. constitute mandatory provisions of this AWS standard. For undated references. thc latest edition of the referenced standard shall apply. For dated references. subsequent amendments to. or reVisiofls of. any of these publications do not apply.
American Welding Society (AWS) standards:2
AWS A2.4. Standard Symbols for Weldi,,’. Brazini, and Nondestructive Examination; and
AWS A3.OM/A3.O. Standard Welding Terms and Definitions, hicluding Terms for Adhesive Bonding. Brazing.
Soldering. Thermal Cuning, and Thermal Spraying.
3. Terms and Definitions
AWS A3.OM/A3.O. Standard Welding Terms and Definitions, !ncludin Terms for Adhesive Bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal Cutting, and Thermal Spraying, provides the basis for terms and definitions used herein. However. the following terms and definitions are included below to accommodate usage specific to this document.
inspection. Examination or measurement to verify whether an item or activity conforms to specified requirements. inspector. A person who pcrtbmis an inspection or exam function to verify conformance to specific requirements.
qualification. Verification by testing of the characteristics or abilities gained through training. experience, or both that enables individuals to perfrm certain functions.
robotic arc welding operator. The person designated to start, monitor, and stop the intended productive operation of a robot or robot system. An operator may also interface with a robot for productive purposes.
robotic arc welding personnel. Individuals who may be robotic operators, technicians, engineers or maintenance support personnel for robotic arc welding applications.
robotic arc welding personnel qualification. The verification of robotic arc welding personnel’s ability to meet prescribed standards for pcrti)rmance qualification.
verification. The act of reviewing. inspecting, testing, checking, auditing. or otherwise determining and documenting whether items, processes. services, or documents conform to specified requirements.
4. Specifications for Qualification of Robotic Arc Welding Personnel
Tables I through 3 provide the specifications tir the qualification of robotic arc welding personnel at the three levels designated by this standard. Table I lists the skill requirements. experience and educational requirements. and training recommendations for a Robotic Arc Welding Operator—Level I applicant. Table 2 lists skill requirements, experience and educational requirements. and training recommendations for a Robotic Arc Welding Technician—Level 2 applicant. Table 3 lists skill requirements. experience and educational requirements. and training recommendations for a Robotic Arc Welding Engineer—Level 3 applicant.
To qualify at a specific Level. ofle shall demonstrate the ability to complete the required pertiwmance objectives 11w that Level. Table 4 summariies the requirements and at which level(s) they apply.
The components 11w the specimen used to conduct the performance welding test shall be of the dimensions and layout shown in Figure 1. Assembly of the components of the test specimen shall be as shown in Figure 2.
This third edition changes the levels of qualification to Level 1 —Certified Robotic and Automated Welding Operator
(CRAW-O). Level 2—Certified Robotic and Automated Welding Technician (CRAW-T), and Level 3—Certified
Robotic and Autoniated Welding Engineer (CRAW-E) from the second edition’s qualification designations of Level I — CRAW-LI, Level 2—CRAW-O. and Level 3—CRAW-T. Those certified under the second edition certification level
designations shall be grandfathered into the corresponding third edition level designation.AWS D16.4M/D16.4:2015 pdf free download.

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