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AWS D17.3/D17.3M:2016 pdf free download

AWS D17.3/D17.3M:2016 pdf free download.Specification for Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications.
exit hole. Hole remaining at the end of a weld after the withdrawal of the tool (see Figure 3.1). Fabricator. The organization responsible for producing weidments that satisfy the design and contract requirements. flash. Material expelled along the weld toe during FSW (see Figure 3.4).
heel. Part of the tool shoulder that is at the rear of the tool relative to its forward motion (see Figure 3.5). heel plunge depth. Distance the heel extends into the workpiece (see Figure 3.5).
hook. Faying surface that curves upward or downward along the side of the weld metal in a friction stir welded lap joint and is considered a discontinuity (see Figure 3.6).
incomplete joint penetration. Discontinuity where the full thickness of the joint has not been welded (see Figure 3.7).
Jii1t.g4p.. A nonstandard term for root opening of a square groove joint.
linear mismatch across joint. Misalignment between two welded pieces such that while their surface planes are parallel, they are not in the required plane (see Figure 3.8).
machine stiffness. The ability of a machine to resist deflection when subjected to applied forces. pcnetration ligament. The nominal distance between the anvil and the probe tip during welding (see Figure 3.1). pipe. Tube in standardized combination of outside diameter and wall thickness.
NOTE: In this specification, the term pipe will be used for pipe and tube.
plate. Rolled. extruded, cast, forged, or deposited products other than pipe in any thickness greater than 0.006 inches [0.152 mm].
IVOTE: In this specification, the tern? plate is used to generally descri he flat, non—round metal products other than pipe. plunge depth. Distance tool probe penetrates into the weld joint (see Figure 3.5).
probe. Part of the welding tool that extends into the workpiece to make the weld (see Figure 3.1).AWS D17.3/D17.3M:2016 pdf free download.

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