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AWS D8.14M:2017 pdf free download

AWS D8.14M:2017 pdf free download.Specification for Automotive Weld Qualit Arc Welding of Aluminum.
4. General Provisions
4.1 application
4.1.1 This specilieation is applicable to the design and manutheture 01 automotive vehicles and components when specified on engineering drawings.
4.1.2 Any requirements deviating from the limits of this specification shall be designated on the engineering drawings.
4. 1 .3 II any conflict occurs between speci lied requirements herein and those speci lied on the engineering draw.i ngs. the latter has precedence.
4.2 Welding lrocesses. ibis specilication covers quality 1-equirements lbr welds made by the gas metal arc welding (G MA\V ). plasma are welding ( PAW). gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW ) and hybrid arc veldmg processes.
4.3 1 awrial. iiiis sped lication covers the arc welding of’ aluminum extrusions. castings. lbrgings. sheet, and plate material.
4.4 Su rface Condition of Al nm in u in. The surface o it he aluminum purl, prior to welding, should he liee from corrosion products. tli ick oxide, hydrated ox ide. paint, lubricants, or other contain inants that may adversely atThct the welding quality.
4.5 Joint Considerations
4.5.1 Automatic and robotic arc welding require consistent patt liluif) and joint locations to achieve consistent weld quality. To ensure proper joint lit, all parts should he fabricated, positioned, and held in place (e.g.. Ilxtured) lbr maximum weld qualit. All engineering drawing requirements shall be fbi lowed.
4.5.2 Maximum allowable joint gap for speci lie joints is determined Lw the structural performance required in ser ice and the ability to accommodate the gap during welding. The maximum allowable weld joint gap between adjacent members less than 4 mm in thickness should be one—quarter the thickness of the thinner member or I mm, whichever is less. In the case of heavier gauges above 4 mm. the gap should not exceed 1.5 mm. The gap values listed above are the maximum allowable because tighter restricLions may be needed depending on the welding process and joint configuration used. Gaps larger than sped lied can adversely a ikct weld geometry. quality, and structural performance. AWS D8.14M:2017 pdf free download.

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