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AWS D8.1M:2013 pdf free download

AWS D8.1M:2013 pdf free download.Specification for Automotive Weld Quality – Resistance Spot Welding of Steel.
3. Terms and Definitions
The terms listed in AWS A3.OM/A3.0, Standard Welding Terms and Definitions, Including Terms for Adhesive Bonding, Bracing. Soldering, Thermal Curling, and Thermal Spraying, shall apply to this document, except for those listed below.
aspect ratio. The ratio of the maximum dimension to the minimum dimension of the fused area.
button. The part of a spot weld which tears out during destructive testing of welded steel. It may include all or part of the nugget, the heat-affected zone (HAZ), and base metal. A hole is left in the mating sheet(s).
button pull. A fracture mode of a spot weld where separation occurs through the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of the weld, resulting in a button (see example in Figure 10).
button size. The average of the maximum and minimum dimensions of the button.
edge weld. A spot weld area, as defined by the impression left by the electrodes, which is not fully contained within all original edges of the sheet metal.
fracture mode. The appearance of the weld after destructive testing as categorized in Figures 10 through 17.
fused area. The area of the nugget at the faying surface (interface between the metals being joined). The fused area may result in button pull, partial thickness fracture, interfacial fracture, or combinations thereof.
fusion zone. The volume of fused base metal resulting from the welding process. The fusion zone is visible when a weld is cross-sectioned and suitably etched.
governing metal thickness (GMT). The metal gage in a stack-up that determines the minimum acceptable weld size. The GMT for a two-sheet stack-up is the metal thickness of the thinner of the two sheets. Generally, the GMT for a three-sheet stack-up is the metal thickness of the second thickest sheet.
heat-affected zone (HAZ). The portion of base metal adjacent to the nugget whose mechanical properties or micro- structure have been altered by the heat input from welding.
indentation. Indentation is the ratio of the amount of weld depression to the prewelded sheet thickness, expressed as a ratio. interfacial fracture. AWS D8.1M:2013 pdf free download.

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