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AWS G1.10M:2016 pdf free download

AWS G1.10M:2016 pdf free download.Guide for the Evaluation of Thermoplastic Welds.
electrofusion welding (EFW). A thermoplastic welding process where the heat for welding is provided by energizing an electrically resistive coil in the weld zone.
extrusion welding(EX). Ajoining process in which molten thermoplastic material is forced against preheated workpieces to produce the weld.
fan welding (HF). A hot gas welding method where the weld rod is fed into the joint without the aid of a welding nozzle:
the pressure is applied directly to the welding rod by the welder.
flaw. An interruption of the typical structure of a material, such as lack of homogeneity in its structure or physical characteristics. A flaw is not necessarily a defect.
flow fusion welding. A variety of headless welding techniques in which resultant joints are free from internal and external beads and crevices. The primary method of headless welding involves careful ditTusion of heat through the external surfaces while niaintairnng internal support of niaterial as it becomes molten. The Welding Procedure Specitication(WPS) specifies the heating temperature and heating cycle during which the molten material readily joins as a single piece.
heated tool butt welding (HT). A method for joining the ends of thermoplastic pipe or fittings in which a hot tool is placed between the pipe ends for a predetermined heating time and then the ends are pushed together with a predetermined amount of force until the joint cools.
hot gas welding(HCW). A thermoplastic welding process in which the parts are softened by hot gas and joined together.
lack of fusion, in a weld, any area or zone that lacks melting and coalescence (fusion) of a portion of the weld. This may occur between weld passes or between weld and base materials.
scraping. The process of removing a thin layer of polymer from the surface to be welded in order to eliminate surface contamination and oxidation.
shrinkage groove. Insufficiency of material on the lateral edges of the weld due to the high thermal shrinkage or expansion characteristics of thennoplastics: this resembles an undercut or undertill weld.
socket fusion welding (SFW). A heated tool welding process variation in which the tool is configured to heat the outside of one workpiece and the inside of the other.
speed welding (HS). A hot gas welding process variation in which the welding tip is used to feed and heat the welding filler rod while heating the workpieces and forcing the plasticized filler into the fusion zone.AWS G1.10M:2016 pdf free download.

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