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C49.5-10 pdf free download

C49.5-10 pdf free download.Compact round aluminum stranded conductors ( compact round ASC ).
Annealed (“0”) temper — a metallurgical condition obta,ned by heat treating a metal in order to remove the effects of cold wo&
Cold work — a mechanical process that increases the tensile strength of a metal while reducing its ductility and conductivity.
Compact round AK — a conductor consisting 01 a central single aluminum wire that is
(a) surrounded by one or more layers of round aluminum wires; and
(b) compacted Into an overall final round shape by drawing, rolling, or other means.
Equivalent diameter — the diameter of a round wire that has the same cross-sectional area as a given formed wge of the same material.
Formed wire — a filament of drawn or rolled metal having a constant non.circutar cross-section.
Hard temper – the highest metallurgical condition that can be achieved by cold working a metal.
Intermediate temper – any metallurgical condition that is between annealed and hard temper.
4 Construction
4.1 General
The construction (i.e.. the number of wires, cross-sectional area, and diameter) of the completed compact round ASC shall be as specified in Tables I and 2. The lay of the completed compact round ASC shall be in accordance with Clause 4.3.2.
The conductor temper shall be hard (H19) or intermediate temper.
4.2 MaterIal
The aluminum wires employed in Classes AA and A conductors shall be of hard temper. For Class B conductors, the wires shall be of the temper specified by the purchaser. All wires in a conductor shall be of the same temper.
Before stranding and compacting, aluminum wires shall comply with the following CSA Standards, as applicable:
(a) CAN/CSA-C60889, for aluminum 1350 (Al) of hard temper; and
(b) CSA C49. 3, for aluminum 1350 of intermediate tempers.
4.3 (:ompleted conductor
4.3.1 Surface
The surface of the completed conductor shall be free from aN imperfections not consistent with good manufacturing practice.C49.5-10 pdf free download.

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