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CSA 4.3-2014 pdf free download

CSA 4.3-2014 pdf free download.Gas-fired water heaters, volume III, storage water heaters with input ratings above 75,000 Btu per hour, circulating and instantaneous.
wiring shall be furnished as a harness with each appliance and be arranged to facilitate attachment to the appliance when the appliance is assembled, in which case a connection diagram (see Clause 3, Definitions) showing the exact arrangement of the wiring shall be included with each appliance.
All electrical equipment, wiring and accessories, built in or supplied by the manufacturer for direct attachment to the water heater shall be submitted for examination with the appliance.
Electrical equipment and line-voltage and safety-circuit wiring supplied for use with and as a part of a water heater shall be of approved types and shall also be judged with respect to their suitability for the particular application, or shall be tested as an integral part of and with the appliance. All other lowvoftage wiring shall be suitable for the application.
Electrical equipment and wiring listed or certified by a nationally recognized testing agency qualified to certify or list electrical equipment or wiring shall be deemed to be an approved type.
When line voltage is required at the water heater, a suitable junction box shall be provided for the permanent connection of the line-voltage supply circuit. This box shall have provisions to accommodate fittings for metal-clad cable or conduit and shall be located on a part of the assembly that does not require movement for servicing.
If wiring larger than 14 AWG (2.1 mm2) is used in the conduct of the test specified in Clause 4.27.39, or if the temperature rise of conductors within the junction box or of surfaces of the box likely to be in contact with conductors exceeds 63 f (35 C) when the appliance is tested in accordance with Clause 4.27.39, the following statement, or that part of it which may be applicable, shall be prominently displayed on the box by means of a Class V marking: “For field-wired connections, use _____ AWG wires rated for at least _____ •C (_____ F).” The specified wire size shall be that used in the test and the specified temperature rating shall not be more than 90 .C. When connections for more than one supply circuit are made in the junction box, the marking shall be modified as appropriate and shall require that all connections be with wire rated for the highest temperature encountered in the test.
Compartments or junction boxes for connection of field wiring shall not be ventilated.
The size of a junction box in which field-installed conductors are to be connected by splicing shall not be less than that indicated in Table 5, Junction box free space per conductor. A conductor passing through the box is counted as 1 conductor and each conductor terminating in the box is also counted as 1 conductor. A field-furnished conductor for line-voltage circuits is considered to be not smaller than 14 AWG (2.1 mm).CSA 4.3-2014 pdf free download.

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