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CSA 8.4-2019 pdf free download

CSA 8.4-2019 pdf free download.Gas hose connectors for portable outdoor gas-fired appliances.
deflect the tubing at the fitting 60 degrees (1.05 rad in one direction from the center line of the fitting. The tubing shall then be returned to its original position, deflected 60 degrees (1.05 rad) in the opposite direction, and again returned to Its original position. The test for leakage shall again be applied as outlined above. There shall be no leakage in excess of that specified In Clause 5.2, leakage.
The union shall then be disconnected, the tubing rotated 55 degrees (0.96 rad) In a clockwise direction, and the union again assembled to the fitting and tightened by the application of a torque not to exceed the torque determined to be necessary to overcome leakage in the previous connection. Leakage tests shall again be applied as outlined above. If no leakage occurs, or if leakage is observed and can be overcome by an increase In torque not to exceed the maximum torque specified In Table 5. the tubing shall be deflected as described in the preceding paragraph after which leakage tests shall again be applied as outlined above,
The procedure outlined in the preceding paragraph shall be performed a total of 8 times without leakage in excess of that specified in Clause 5.2, Leakage.
5.6 Strength of fittings
During the following Method of Test, connectors shall not leak, break, or be otherwise adversely affected by application of a tightening torque of 1,040 lbf/in2 (4.6 kN-m/m) of nominal hose diameter
Method of Test
For this test one sample of each nominal diameter of assembled gas hose connector shall be employed.
The pipe thread end of one end of the connector shall be rigidly connected to a leak-proof system. The other end of the connector shall be sealed so that no leakage will occur at this point under an air pressure of 6 inches mercury column (20.3 kPa). The fitting assembly shall then be tightened by the application of a torque of 1,040 lbf/in2 (4.6 kN.m/m) of nominal tubing diameter. If no breakage occurs, air shall be admitted to the system under a pressure equivalent to that of a 6 Inches mercury column (20.3 kPa), and with the fitting end completely immersed in water no leakage shall be evident.
Under the conditions of the followffig Method of Test, fittings shall be capable of withstanding the impacts specified in Table 8, Impact applied during conduct of Clause 5.6.2 wIthout leakage, cracking or breakage. This test shall not be applied to quick-disconnect devices which comply with the Standard for Quick-Disconnect Devices For Use With Gas Fuel Applionces, ANSI Z21.41 • CSA 6.9. supplIed as end fittings on connectors.CSA 8.4-2019 pdf free download.

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