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CSA A23.4-2016 pdf free download

CSA A23.4-2016 pdf free download.Precast concrete – Materials and construction.
b) Architectural cladding and load bearing units (Al) shall be precast concrete building elements such as exterior cladding, load bearing and non-load bearing wall panels, spandrels, beams, mullions, columns, column covers, and other miscellaneous shapes. Elements may be conventionally reinforced and/or pretensioned or post-tensioned. Prequalification in this category includes category AT.
Note: Group A does not include structural products that exhibit a high degree of finish or texture, including unique colouration. Such products ore included in Groups B and C.
4.1.3 Group B (bridge products) and Group BA (bridge products with arctiitecturat finishes) General
Both Group B and Group BA products shall be produced in accordance with the requirements of this
Standard. Group B
Group B Is divided into four categories:
a) Precast concrete bridge products (Bi) shall be conventionally reinforced precast concrete elements. Group Bi products include non-prestressed bridge beams or slabs, piling, sheet piling, pile caps, retaining wa’l elements, median barriers, parapet walls, sound barriers, engineered box culverts, and three-sided structures not referenced in other Standards.
b) Prestressed miscellaneous bridge products (B2) are any precast concrete and pretensioned or post- tensioned elements, excluding superstructure beams. Prequalification in this category includes Category 81.
c) Prestressed straight-strand bridge members (83) include all precast concrete superstructure elements. Prequalification in this category includes categories Bi and B2. Group B3 products include box beams, segmental components, I-girders, bulb tees, stemmed members, solid slabs, and full or partial depth bridge deck slabs pretensioned or post-tensioned with straight strands.
d) Prestressed deflected-strand bridge members (B4) shall include the same class of products as category B3 and which are pretensioned or post-tensioned with deflected strands. Prequalification in this category includes categories Bi. 82, and 83. Group BA
Group BA products shall be produced with the additional requirements for architectural finishes. Group BA is divided into the same four categories as Group 8 and shall be designated Categories BA1, BA2, BA3, and 8A4. The category descriptions are identical with the category descriptions for Group B except that the manufacturer shall have the capability to apply architectural finishes in accordance with the provisions of this Standard. Prequalification in each BA category shall include the preceding BA categories and shall supersede the equivalent Group B category.CSA A23.4-2016 pdf free download.

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