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CSA A440.2-2019 pdf free download

CSA A440.2-2019 pdf free download.Fenestration energy performance / User Guide to CSA A440 . 2 : 19 , Fenestration energy performance.
B.2.2.2 Degradation of wood products
Few studies have been completed on the durability and risk to degradation of wood products used in wood frame building construction. A Norwegian study provides a highly useful overview of the decay potential in wood structures when subject to projected future changes in climatic conditions”. It was determined that climate change will increase the vulnerability of wood frame structures in Norway. Given similarities between Norwegian and some Canadian climate regions, the same risk is expected In this country. The study included the development of a national climate index map and guidelines for use of protective and preservation measures (Impregnation, surface treatment, or design precautions) for wood building elements based on local geography and climate influences. It is expected that such map tools will permit the continuous development of Norwegian technical guidelines for wooden building enclosures in response to climate change. Similar approaches could be applicable in Canada. Corrosion of metals
In Australia, design guidelines typically require metal structures to last at least 50 years. Accordingly, the effects of climate change must be considered in their design and material selection, particularly changes in the rate of corrosion of metal components. A study by the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in 2012 estimated the maximum likely change in the corrosion rate for the year 2070 12. • Changes in corrosion were estimated for 11 coastal and inland locations in Australia, based on two climate change models with high global warming rates & The study revealed a moderate decrease in corrosion at inland locations but a substantial increase in coastal locations. The reduction in corrosion at inland locations is associated with a reduction in relative humidity and thus surface wetness, whereas the increase in corrosion at coastal locations is associated with a greater build-up of salt due to less frequent rain events.
In Europe, a climate change study was completed for two time periods, 2010—2039 and 2070—2099, to examine the effect of corrosion of metal structures (EU NOAHs ARK) ‘. Maps of anticipated rates of corrosion of carbon steel and zinc show that future atmospheric corrosion of metals in Europe is dominated by the effects of salt deposition in coastal and near-coastal areas. In coastal areas of southern Europe, corrosion can be higher than the highest values experienced today. It is reasonable to expect similar effects from climate change would affect saltwater coastal regions In Canada. Effect of solar radiation on plastics
Solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the surface of the Earth is expected to increase, due to reduction of the ozone layer and changes in factors such as cloud cover, land-use patterns, and aerosols (i.e., haze from dust, particulate air pollutants, and smoke). Increased levels of UV radiation, especially at high ambient temperatures, are well known to accelerate the degradation of plastics, rubber, and wood materials, thereby reducing their useful lifetimes In outdoor applications 16 Further increases in the rate of degradation can therefore be expected if average global temperatures also Increase as shown in Figure B.1. The useful lifetime of plastics used outdoors can be improved by using UV stabilizer chemical additives or applying UV-reslstant coatings. UV-sensitive plastics can also be replaced with other materials with greater UV radiation resistance.CSA A440.2-2019 pdf free download.

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