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CSA B45.10-12 pdf free download

CSA B45.10-12 pdf free download.Hydromassage bathtub systems.
5.43.1 Procedure
The test for a fitting affixed to the test fixture shall be conducted as follows:
(a) Install the specimen in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions through the side wall of the test tank, in the vertical position, and connected to a 900 elbow the same size as the fitting outlet located on the outside and as close to the fitting as possible. Attach Schedule 40 plastic pipe of the same size as the fitting socket as shown in Figure 2. The distance from the suction fitting to the first baffle should be at least 400 mm (16 in).
(b) Connect the pump inlet to the Schedule 40 plastic pipe (using adapters if necessary).
(c) Fill the test tank with water at 32 ± 6 °C (90 ± 1 00F) to a depth 300 ± 13 mm (12 ± 0.5 in) above the top edge of the suction cover.
(d) Activate the pump and regulate the flow to 38 L/min (10 gpm) less than the fitting manufacturer’s recommended flow rate. If the fitting rating is not known, start the test at 95 1/mm (25 gpm).
(e) Slowly lower the hair towards the fitting and feed the ends of the hair into the fitting in the direction of the intake flow as illustrated in Figure 7(b). Continue feeding the hair into the fitting while moving the dowel from side to side in a sweeping motion as illustrated in Figure 7(c). Reduce the magnitude of the sweeping motion with each pass of the dowel.
(f) Feed the hair into the fitting for 35 ± 25 s and then hold the dowel end against the fitting for 30 ± 5 s as illustrated in Figure 7(d). Release the dowel and allow it to float freely for 30 ± 5 s.
(g) With the pump still operating, measure the force necessary to free the hair from the fitting using the scale specified in Clause Attach the dowel to the scale and pull the scale and dowel in a vertical orientation, as illustrated in Figure 7(e), by activating the pneumatic hair removal mechanism.
(h) Measure and record the force of the entanglement.
(i) Repeat Items (e) to (h) ten times.
(j) Increase the flow rate by 19 1/mm (5 gpm) increments and repeat Items (e) to (h) ten times at each flow rate until test failure occurs (see Clause, brushing the hair before each set of repititions to keep it tangle free.
(k) When test failure occurs, retest the specimen using 3.8 L/min (1 gpm) increments up to the flow rate at which failure occurred to determine its best performance value. Performance
The pulling force to remove the dowel test assembly shall be less than 22 N (5 lbf) when tested ten times.
A pull of 22 N (5 lbf) or greater, including the weight of the saturated test apparatus, on any one of the
ten pulls, shall be deemed a failure, and shall be as follows:
If one failure in ten pulls occurs, the test shall be repeated ten more times. All additional pulls shall pass before moving to the next flow rate value. The highest passing flow rate shall be divided by 1.25 to determine the maximum allowable flow rating of the fitting.
5.4.4 Test with the fitting affixed to the bathtub Procedure
The test for a fitting affixed to the bathtub shall be conducted as follows:
(a) Install the specimen in the bathtub in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.CSA B45.10-12 pdf free download.

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