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CSA B45.7-11 pdf free download

CSA B45.7-11 pdf free download.Self-contained , recirculating chemically controlled toiletsfor sein recreational vehicles.
Vacuum breakers and backflow preventers shall comply with the requirements of the applicable Standards of the CAN/CSA-B64 Series.
5.6 Provision for emptying
Tanks shall be provided with a means of pumping out or dumping the waste contained in it. Such a means shall allow emptying of the entire contents of the tank to within 25 mm (1 in) of the bottom of the tank.
When the tank is emptied by dumping, the opening provided for this purpose shall be not less than 75 mm (3 in) in diameter.
5.7 Life cycle test requirements
During and after the life cycle test, the specimen shall continue to function as it did at the beginning of the test and shall not develop any defects that could adversely affect its functionality or serviceability.
When tested in accordance with Clause 6.2, toilets shall
(a) completely wash down the bowl with each flush:
(b) not show excessive wear on working parts: and
(c) not show other significant damage to any parts of the toilet.
6 Test methods
6.1 Static load test
The static load test shall be conducted as follows:
(a) Condition the specimen at 23 ± 2 C (73 ± 4°F) for 2 h in air or water before the test.
(b) Install the specimen in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
(c) Fill the specimen with flushing fluid to the level to which it would be filled after usage.
(d) Remove the seat and lid.
(e) Using a 75 mm (3 in) diameter rigid disc covered by 13 mm (0.5 In) of sponge rubber, apply a
gradually increasing vertical static load on the rim of the bowl. Start the load at 0.2 kN (45 Ibf) and increase the load until it reaches 1.3 kN (292 lbf).
(f) Remove the load.
(g) Apply the load, in accordance with Item (e), in at least two additional points equally spaced around the rim of the bowl.CSA B45.7-11 pdf free download.

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