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CSA B52-05 pdf free download

CSA B52-05 pdf free download.Mechanical refrigeration code.
Condenser coil — a condenser constructed of pipe or tubing, other than a shell-and-tube or shell-and-coil type.
Condensing unit — a combination of one or more power-driven compressors, condensers, liquid receivers (when required), and regularly furnished accessories.
Container a cylinder for transporting refrigerant.
Critical pressure, critical temperature, and critical volume — a point on the saturation curve where the refrigerant liquid and vapour have identical volume, density, and enthalpy, and where there is no latent heat.
Critically charged system — a refrigeration system whose refrigerant charge is limited in such a way that it the entire charge is located in the evaporator(s), it is not possible for liquid refrigerant to be entrained in the compressor suction line.
Design pressure — the maximum allowable working pressure, expressed in kilopascals (pounds per square inch gauge) for which a specific part of a refrigeration system is designed.
Diffuser — a device used to dilute and disperse the discharge of a refrigerant gas.
Direct system — a system in which the evaporator or condenser of the refrigeration system is in direct contact with air or other substances to be cooled or heated.
Double direct system – a system in which an evaporative refrigerant is used in a secondary circuit to condense or cool a refrigerant in a primary Circuit. For the purposes of this Standard, each system enclosing a separate body of an evaporative refrigerant is considered a separate direct system.
Double Indirect open spray system — a system in which a secondary coolant that is cooled or heated by a refrigeration system is circulated to the air or other substance to be cooled or heated.
Duct — a tube or conduit used for the conveying or encasing purposes described in the following definitions:
Air duct — a tube or conduit used for conveying air.
Note: The air passages of seif-contaned sysems ore not considered to be ow ducts.
Pipe duct or tubing — a tube or conduit used for encasing pipe.
Evaporator — that part of a refrigeration system designed to produce refrigeration by vaporizing. Evaporator coil — an evaporator, constructed of pipe or tubing, that is not enclosed in a pressure vessel.
Exit — a confined passageway immediately adjacent to and including the door through which people leave a building.
Note: An exit can also be used for entering a building.CSA B52-05 pdf free download.

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