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CSA B66-2016 pdf free download

CSA B66-2016 pdf free download.Design, material, and manufacturing requirements for prefabricated septic tanks and sewage holding tanks.
Note: The authority having jurisdiction should be consulted for additional requirements for access openings. Sizing
When an access opening is located over a single chamber or compartment, it shall have a minimum dimension of 400 mm.
When an access opening is located over a chamber divider or partition and provides access to two chambers or compartments, it shall have a minimum dimension of 600 mm and the minimum dimension of the opening to either chamber shall be 300 mm. Risers
When risers above the tank lid are provided, the manufacturer shall construct the tank in such a way
that the joints between the tank lid and the risers, as well as between all riser sections, are watertight.
Note: See Ciause 4.1.3 for requirements for joints made on-site.
4.2.7 Other openings
No openings, drains, or access ways shall be provided on a septic chamber below the level of the invert of the outlet.
4.2.8 Compartmentalization
A chamber divider shall be used only when a septic chamber Is to be divided into compartments. The divider shall
a) divide the chamber into two or more compartments in such a way that the first compartment has a liquid volume of two-thirds (± 5%) of the working capacity of the entire chamber;
b) be permanently fastened In place or form an integral part of the septic tank structure;
c) comply with Clause 9.3;
d) prevent floating materials and settled solids (I.e., scum and sludge) from passing (but need not be watertight);
e) extend from the tank bottom to at least 150 mm above the liquid level or, in septic tanks without an air space, to the top of the tank; and
f) have
i) an outlet device in the larger compartment and an inlet device in the smaller compartment, both of which shall comply with Clause 4.2.3; or
ii) a design that permits liquid to travel between compartments through one or more opening(s) that are located at points 55% to 65% of the entire liquid depth above the septic tank floor. The total area of these openings shall be three to seven times the area of the inlet opening. CSA B66-2016 pdf free download.

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