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CSA B70-12 pdf free download

CSA B70-12 pdf free download.Cast iron soil pipe , fittings , and means of joining.
Manufacturers shall provide installation instructions with each expansion joint.
5.2 Test methods
5.2.1 Cycling test Cold cycling procedure
The expansion joint under test shall be subjected to 100 cycles from one extreme of the intended expansion range to the other. The cross-head speed shall be approximately 500 mmlmin (20 inhmin). The ambient temperature shall be 0 ± 2 °C (32 ± 4°F). First hydrostatic pressure procedure
After the cold cycling procedure specified in Clause is completed, the joint shall be extended to approximately the middle of its full expansion length. The ends of the joint shall be fitted with pipe stubs approximately 150 mm (6 in) long, joined as specified by the manufacturer, and pressure fittings shall be joined to the ends of the pipe stubs. Axial restraints shall be fitted onto the joint, and it shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of 100 kPa (15 psi) for at least 1 h at 23 °C (73°F). Hot cycling procedure
The procedure specified in Clause shall be repeated after the procedure specified in Clause is completed, but the ambient temperature shall be 50 ± 3 °C (122 ± 5°F). Second hydrostatic pressure procedure
The procedure specified in Clause shall be repeated after the hot cycling procedure specified in
Clause is completed.
5.2.2 Offset test
One untested expansion joint shall be assembled and mounted as shown in Figure 1. A force shall be applied in the direction shown so that the joint is offset by the distance specified in Table 5.
5.2.3 Breakaway force test
One untested expansion joint, together with one that has successfully met the requirements of Clause 5.3.2, shall be stored at laboratory atmospheric conditions for at least 30 d. Both joints shall be positioned at approximately the middle of the expansion range during the storage period. At the end of the storage period, the breakaway force shall be determined at a temperature between 0 and 50 °C (32 and 122°F) and at a cross-head speed of approximately 500 mm/mm (20 in/mm).
Note: Core should be token to ensure that, in determining the breakaway force of the /ont. forces ore applied only along the central aids of the expansion joint.CSA B70-12 pdf free download.

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