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CSA B72-2020 pdf free download

CSA B72-2020 pdf free download.Installation code for lightning protection systems.
When an electrically continuous metal frame extends around the perimeter of the structure, it may be used as the ground loop conductor.
Isolation techniques (e.g., insulative floors, insulative mats) may be used to reduce the threat of step potential.
12 Class V installations — Structures with explosive or highly flammable
12.1 General
The requirements of this Clause shall be followed for structures in which explosive or highly flammable solids, liquids, gases, vapours, or dusts are manufactured, stored, or used, or in which highly flammable or explosive gases, vapours, or dusts can accumulate.
Note: Structures of this category should not be equipped with tall components such as spires, chimneys, flagpoles, or radio masts, nor should these be placed within 15 m (SOft) of the structure.
The design of lightning protective systems for these structures should be dealt with by specialists. An assessment of risks should precede design and should include at least occupancy conditions, value of structure and contents, type of processes, experience with similar situations, degree of shielding by adjacent structures, and local historic flash density measurements.
An acceptable risk might be present when the quo ntity of dangerous material is strictly limited. osin a laboratory or small store, or where the structure is specifically designed to restrict the effects of a catastrophe or sited in an isolated position. Circumstances can also arise in which the dangerous materials are not exposed but are completely encased in metal of on adequate thickness (e.g., natural gas or fuel oil in metallic piping). In other situations, the risks to life and property are such that the provision of every means possible for protection from the consequence of a lightning discharge is essential.
Lightning protection systems designed to protect structures covered under this Clause shall be based on a striking distance of 30 m (100 ft).
Where the effects of electromagnetic coupling are of concern, a mast or overhead ground wire system shall be installed.CSA B72-2020 pdf free download.

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