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CSA C2.2-06 pdf free download

CSA C2.2-06 pdf free download.Pole-mounted , single-phase distribution transformers for electric utilities.
8.3 Pressure relief
A pull-ring-type automatic self-resealing pressure-relief device shall be provided. The opening pressure of the pressure-relief device shall be between 30 and 50 kPa. If a valve is used, it shall have a minimum flow rate of 16 L/s at a gauge pressure of 100 kPa. The pressure-relief device shall be located on the right side of the transformer when viewed from the secondary terminals. It shall not be located in the vicinity of the hanger brackets. A fault-detection device may be provided when specified by the purchaser [see Clause 11(o)J.
8.4 Floor installation
Transformers shall be suitable for resting on flat surfaces.
8.5 Pole mounting
Transformers shall be arranged for pole mounting and fitted with pole-mounting brackets as shown in Figure 9. The maximum height of all transformers from the top of the cover to the bottom of the tank shall not exceed 1200 mm. The maximum mass for transformers of 100 kV.A or less shall be 600 kg. The maximum mass of 167 kV.A transformers shall be 725 kg unless otherwise specified by the purchaser [see Clause 1 1(p)]. The transformer tank and mounting brackets shall be capable of mounting the transformer without permanent distortion.
8.6 Lifting
Adequate provision shall be made for lifting the transformer and shall be such that no permanent deformation of the tank or cover shall take place when the transformer is lifted. Lifting lugs, shaped in the form of a semicircle with a 25 mm radius that can accommodate a 15 mm round or 50 mm flat sling, shall be provided in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C57.1 2.20, Clause 6.24. The lugs shall be located at 90° to the vertical plane of the pole-mounting brackets with a tolerance of 450 counterclockwise when viewed from the top (as shown in Figure 8) so that the slings shall not exert pressure against any accessory. The lug shall be formed so as to prevent the sling from slipping off.
Provision shall also be made for lifting the core and coils.
8.7 Gaskets
Gasket material shall not be affected by the insulating liquid. The design of the cover and gasket shall be such that oil will not spill when the lid is removed. The cover gaskets shall be retained in position so that they will not be damaged when the cover is removed or replaced.
8.8 Space adjacent to low-voltage bushings
In order to provide for convenient connection of secondary cables, the space below the low-voltage bushings shall be free from cooling tubes, radiators, or other obstructions. A minimum of 50 mm of free space shall be provided adjacent to the bushings to permit convenient connection of secondary cable.CSA C2.2-06 pdf free download.

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