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CSA C22.2 NO.37-2020 pdf free download

CSA C22.2 NO.37-2020 pdf free download.Decorative lighting products.
2000 ± 50 0 resistor an ammeter, and ground. The ac current measured shall not exceed 7 mA (peak) as the supply source potential is increased from 0 to 120 V at 60 Hz.
5.8.13 Insulation-piercing terminal tests Temperature
Six previously untested connectors that incorporate insulation-piercing or insulation-displacement type terminals of decorative lighting products shall comply with the tests of Clause
The temperature limits are based on an ambient temperature of 25 C. Tests shall be conducted at any ambient temperature between 10 and 40 C, and the variations above or below 25 C shall be subtracted from or added to temperatures recorded at points on the product, respectively.
Thermocouples shall be used for temperature measurement and shall have conductors no larger than No. 24 AWG and no smaller than No. 30 AWG. Thermocouples shall comply with the requirements specified in ASTM MNL12 and the requirements for thermocouples listed in the table of the limits of error specified in NIST ITS-90, or ISA MC 96.1. The thermocouple junction shall be fused.
A thermocouple shall be placed on the wire insulation as close as possible to the terminal of each connector. Where multiple connectors are employed, the location shall be the same for each connector.
The connectors shall be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and in a position to result In maximum temperatures. The tests shall be conducted at the voltage and current load as rated for the connector. The connected test load shall be the maximum rated lamp and accessory wattage to be connected, or an adjustable resistive load, or a combination. An additional adjustable resistor shall be used to provide a test current on the supply line conductors equal to the ampacity of the conductors as specified in Tables 5.3A and 5.3B.
The test circuit and load for connectors shall have
a) all six connectors wired in series with a spacing not less than 300 mm between connectors; and
b) the resistive load adjusted to provide a test current equal to the ampacity of the conductor size.CSA C22.2 NO.37-2020 pdf free download.

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