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CSA C382-11 pdf free download.Energy performance of televisions and displays.
Illuminance— the areal density of the luminous flux incident at a point on a surface. Note: Uuminanceismeasuredintax ( k).
Luminance— the photometric measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light travelling in a given direction. Luminance describes the amount of light that passes through or is emitted from a particular area, and falls within a given solid angle. Note:Thestandardunitlorliminanceiscandebpersquarernetre(cd/m2).
Medicaldisplaymonitor— a display monitor intended for use in a medical environment,
Offmode— the mode where the product is connected to a mains power source and is not providing any on mode or standby mode functions for an indefinite time.
Onmode— the mode where the product is connected to a power source and produces a picture (and possibly sound). Note:Thepowecrequirementinthismodeistypicagreatecthanthatinstandbymodeanddownbadacguisitionmode
Post-productionmonitor(videoproductionmonitor)— a device designed primarily for the display of video or film content within the video or film production process. Note:Typcadhesetypesofmonitorsresidewithinaproductionfaciltyandsupportthecontentproductionwoekft,
Powerfactor— the ratio of the total active power, in watts, to the total apparent power, in volt-amperes (the product of root-mean-square [rmsj voltage and mis current), on the ac (alternating current) side of the power supply. Note:Thisdefinltioninclidestheefteclofharmoniccomponentsofcurrentandvotage,aswelastheeffectofphase dispcementbetweencurrentandvotage.
Professionalbroadcastmonitor— a device designed primarily for the display and measurement
of video content within a broadcast facility infrastructure.
(1) lnputsintothemonitorincbdebothanabganddigitaformatsspecifictoanytypeofworkrequiringanasisofimage qualty.
(2) Aprofesionabroadcastmon,torisnotusedforterresnabicabësignavabation(ASTCformattedcontent)so
Retailmode— the television pre-programmed display setting that is commonly the most consumptive mode available in a forced menu.
Screensze— the diagonal length from one corner to the opposite corner of the viewable screen area of a television, measured in cm (in).
Standbymode— the mode where the product (a)
is connected to a power source;
(b) produces neither sound nor picture;
(c) neither transmits nor receives program information and/or data (excluding data transmitted to change the unit’s condition from sleep mode to on mode); and
(d) is switched to on mode by an internal or external signal (external being, for example, a signal from a connected DVD player to turn on).
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C382-1 1 CCanadianStandardsAssociation
Television — a display that
(a) is designed primarily for the reception and display of audiovisual signals received from terrestrial, cable, satellite, Internet Protocol television (IPTV), or other digital or analog sources;
(b) is encased in one or more housings:
(c) is placed on the market under one model or system designation; and
(d) includes
(i) one or more tuner(s)/receiver(s); and
(ii) possibly additional functions (e.g., speakers, optical disc drive, hard disk drive). Note: InotherdocumentsreferencedlnthisStandard.tebvisionsmightbereferredtoasieëvisionsets”.
Viewable screen area— the continuous total area of a television, in cm2 (fl2), which displays a digital or analog video signal and is viewable to a consumer.
3.2 Abbreviations
The following abbreviations shall apply in this Standard:
ABC — automatic brightness control
cd/rn2 — candelas per square meter — the SI unit of luminance
cd/W — candelas per watt
CEA — Consumer Electronics Association.CSA C382-11 pdf free download.

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