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CSA C439-09 pdf free download

CSA C439-09 pdf free download.Standard laboratory methods of test for rating the performance of heat/energy-recovery ventilators.
8.1 Airflow rate measurement procedure Note: See also Clause 6.
Airflow rates for HRVs/ERVs shall be measured in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 210 using a test facility similar to that shown in Figure 1 or 5. If high-resistance flow-measuring devices are used, it is possible that additional fans will be needed for the flow-measurement facility, as shown in Figure 5.
HRVsIERVs with one or more airstream inlets or outlets not intended for connection to a duct (i.e., non-ducted HRV5/ERVs) may also be rated using this Standard by incorporation of suitable transition plenum connectors to adapt the HRVsIERVs to a ducted configuration. Such transitions shall be fabricated to minimize flow restriction or augmentation. Static pressure differentials across the unit shall be varied using butterfly valves or other suitable flow-control devices.
Arrangements of test equipment other than those specified in this Clause may be used if equal or better accuracy is attained and all of the procedures specified in Clause 8.2 can be performed.
The moisture content of the air at each station shall be determined from the temperature and pressure in the station’s psychrometric chamber.
8.2 Tracer gas measurement procedure
8.2.1 Test 1
A test shall be carried out to determine the cross-leakage from exhaust to outdoor air and casing leakage from the exhaust air side (see Figure 1). An inert tracer gas shall be injected into a turbulent region before Station 3. Air samples shall then be drawn from Stations 2 to 4 to determine the carry-over or dilution and from Station 1 to confirm the absence of the tracer gas.
The sampling equipment shall consist of
(a) sampling grids extending into all stations (see Figure 6):
(b) a gas chromatograph analyzer or an alternative instrument with the accuracy required by Clause; and
(C) a means of collecting and transporting air samples to the analyzer.
An inert tracer gas shall be injected into the airstream before Fan 2 (see Figure 1). The injection rate shall be sufficient to ensure that a carry-over of 0.1% from exhaust to outdoor air, and the casing leakage, are within the measuring capacity of the device being used.
A continuous air sample shall be drawn from each sampling grid. Samples shall be drawn using a laboratory-approved procedure.CSA C439-09 pdf free download.

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