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CSA C57-98 pdf free download

CSA C57-98 pdf free download.Electric Power Connectors for Use in Overhead Line Conductors.
Each enclosure shall be totally enclosed and so constructed that drafts cannot enter. Openings provided in the walls of the enclosure, eq. conductor or thermocouple lead entrances, shall be plugged or packed to prevent the ingress of drafts.
The connectors may be located in the enclosure in any symmetrical way, provided that all connectors are located in a single horizontal plane and the conductor.equalizer-connector assemblies produce as even heating as possible over the plane. One length of conductor in the plane must be installed with no connector attached, so that it can be used as a control conductor.
Note: These provisons ore necessar1 to ensure that all connectors will be siinllov’ affected by an uncertain strati&otion of hot air above the connectors.
There shall be current equalizers between connectors and between any test connector and the connection to the power supply.
To measure the ambient temperature of the enclosure, a thermocouple (No. 30 AWG) shall be installed in the enclosure. This thermocouple shall be located as close to the horizontal centre of the box as possible, midway between the test conductors, and 50 mm (2 in) below the plane of the connectors.
The size, shape, and general construction details of the enclosure shall be recorded. In addition, details of the location of the conductors, connectors, and ambient thermocouple shall be given.
To ensure reproducible and comparable results, the current cycling enclosure shall be calibrated as follows. A test assembly shall be installed in the enclosure, using the conductor that will be used to test the connector. The assembly shall consist of the conductors, power connections, and means of support to be used in the actual test, except that only one size and type of conductor shall be used, and there shall be no test connectors included. The conductor shall be left unbroken at the point at which the test connector would normally be installed. For Classes A, B, C. and 0, the cycling current determined from Table 6 and 8 for the specified conductor shall be passed through the assembly with current-on and -off periods specified in Table 10. For Class H, the cychng current periods shall be determined from Tables 7 and 9. The assembly shall be subjected to at least 10 cycles, with the enclosure in the ambient and draft conditions that will exist dunng the actual connector tests. The test current need not be held to the exact specified values; they are given as approximate values to be adjusted if necessary, so that the control conductor temperature rise at the end of the 25th current cyde shall be 100 ± 5°C.CSA C57-98 pdf free download.

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