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CSA C742-08 pdf free download

CSA C742-08 pdf free download.Energy performance of automatic icemakers and ice storage bins.
Cube-type icemaker — an icemaker that produces a product that is hard, solid, usually dear, fairly uniform, and generally weighs less than 60 g (2 oz) per piece.
Dump water — the water that is drained from an icemaker to control the clarity of ice or to prevent scaling.
Ice hardness factor (for continuous-type icemakers) — the latent heat capacity of harvested ice, in W.h/kg (Btullb) (as defined in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 29, Table Al, Line 15), divided by 92.9 W.hlkg (144 Btu/lb), multiplied by 100 (expressed as a percentage),
Ice storage bin — a factory-made assembly consisting of a non-refrigerated compartment for the storage of ice.
Note: Ice storage bins can be shipped as separate components.
Performance rating — a standard rating or an application rating, as defined by the manufacturer.
Published rating — the specified performance values, determined under stated rating conditions, by which a unit is assigned an application.
Note: These values apply to all units of like nominal size and type produced by the same manufacturer.
Rating conditions — the operating conditions that produce a specific performance level. Self-contained icemaker — an icemaker in which the ice-making mechanism and storage compartment are in an integral cabinet.
Split-system icemaker— an icemaker in which the ice-making mechanism and condenser or condensing unit are in separate sections.
Standard conditions — the rating conditions used as the basis of comparison of performance characteristics.
Standard rating — a rating based on tests performed under the conditions specified in Clause 4.6.
4 General requirements
4.1 Design, construction, and assembly
Icemakers shall be designed, constructed, and assembled to meet the applicable electrical safety requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, and the requirements of CSA B52.
4.2 Matched assemblies
When ice-making equipment is supplied in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies shall be
designed to be used together.
Note: The rating requirements in this Standard are based on the use of matched assemblies.CSA C742-08 pdf free download.

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