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CSA C83-96 pdf free download

CSA C83-96 pdf free download.Communication and Power Line Hardware.
E3.2 Hardware Corona Tests E3.2.1
The calibration device shall be removed. Hardware specimens other than suspension clamps. dead-end assemblies, and compression connectors shall be mounted on the test conductor at the site (see Clause E3.1 .2) previously occupied by the device. In all instances the surfaces of the specimen, including those of bolt ends and other parts that protrude, shall be wiped clean.
Then with the test voltage at the value as outlined in Clause E3.1 .3, the hardware specimen shall be observed for corona with the test room in complete darkness. For satisfactory operation, no positive polarity corona shall be present on the specimen. Evidence of absence of corona shall be supplied In the form of a photograph of the following:
(a) The test specimen being subjected to the test voltage. The photograph shall be taken in complete darkness. The test voltage shall be recorded on the photograph.
In addition, three other photographs shall be supplied, of the following:
(i) the specimen, under the same conditions as for (a), and from the same camera position, but with normal lighting,
(ii) the calibration device, mounted on the test conductor, at positive polarity corona inception voltage, that is, with the corona streamer in evidence, in complete darkness. The applied voltage shall be recorded on the photograph.
(iii) the calibration device, under the same conditions as for (ii), and from the same camera position, but normal lighting.
(1)1, curves reloting test voltage to Ply values are prepored, using a test circuit described in IEC Publication No. 437, these may be supplied to corroborate the photographic evidence.
(2) Tri.X film, Polaroid Type 667 (3000 ASA), or similar types of fast films may be used.
(3) Photographs obtained in total darkness and with normal lighting may be superimposed on the same negative.
(4) It is recommended that, initially, correct exposure and apertures for photographs (7) and (il) be obtained by experiment, using the values In NoteS below as a guide. The values so obtained may then be used to take photographs (a) and (9.
(5) Experience has shown that Polaroid Tape 667 (3000 ASA) requires on aperture of f4.S and a 2 mm exposure for photograph (a), and an aperture of 122 and a 0.04 second exposure for photograph (9. With Trl-X film an aperture of 15.6 and a 2 minute exposure ore recommended for photograph (a).
(6) Corona Test for Contaminated Hardware — Corona Inception on conductors and hardware is affected by the surface conditions such as roughness, contamination, and deposits (water drops, Ice, or snow). Tests on a number of old conductors and hardware have shown that natural contamination reduces positive corona inception voltage to about 65%. There fore, when the hardware Is tested In clean condition, the test gradient should be about 30% higher to account for the contamination found under service conditions.CSA C83-96 pdf free download.

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