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CSA D409-02 pdf free download

CSA D409-02 pdf free download.Motor vehicles for the transportation of persons with physical disabilties.
8.8.6 Powered Closing Platform
A powered closing platform shall not be stowed with more than 34 kg (75 Ib) located in the centroid of a test pallet, measuring 660 x 660 mm (26 x 26 in) and placed at the centroid of the platform, unless designed to be stowed with a passenger on board.
8.9 Reliability and Durability
8.9.1 General
There shall be no evidence of failures (eg, fatigue cracks) or creation of hazardous conditions during the accelerated life cycle test in Clause 8.9.2. Electrical components and wiring, hydraulic components, drive components, arid fasteners shall be considered as integral parts of the lift system for the purposes of the test.
8.9.2 Accelerated Life Cycle Test
An accelerated life cycle test shall be performed on a test fixture by repeating the lift use cycle 4400 times in an ambient temperature of 10 to 32°C (50 to 90°F) as follows:
(a) the time between each cycle shall be between 6 and 7 mm;
(b) alternating cycles of loaded and unloaded platform shall be simulated by applying a load of 2670 N (600 lbf) for 100 cycles and then removing the load for 100 cycles; the lift shall be stowed and deployed during each cycle of the unloaded test;
(c) a visual inspection shall be made without disassembly of the lift at intervals of 500 cycles, and changes in alignment, component wear, and loosening of fasteners shall be recorded; and (d) preventative maintenance shall be performed during the test in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
8.10 Cautions
8.10.1 Caution
A notice such as the following shall be shown on, or adjacent to, the lift:
The cautionary notice shall be clearly visible when viewing the vehicle from outside, in the general proximity of the lift entrance.
Pictograms in accordance with SAE Standard J2402 may be used.
8.10.2 Appearance
The lettering In the notice specified in Clause 8.10.1 shall be
(a) a minimum of 25 mm (1 in) in height;
(b) in English or French, or both;
(c) in a colour that contrasts with the background; and
(d) readily visible.
Pictograms in accordance with SAE Standard J2402 may be used in conjunction with, or instead of.CSA D409-02 pdf free download.

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