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CSA N287.1-93 pdf free download

CSA N287.1-93 pdf free download.General Requirements for Concrete Containment Structures for CANDU Nuclear Power Plants.
6.1.2 Commissioning Group Responsibility
The responsibilities of the commissioning group shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
(a) planning in advance commissioning programs with detailed test sequences, time schedules, and personnel requirements;
(b) reviewing the commissioning program in the light of commissioning experience; (c) ensuring that operational flow-sheets, operating and maintenance instruction1 commissioning procedures, formats for commissioning and test reports, transfer documents, and submissions to the regulatory authority are available;
(d) verifying that the installation of structures, systems, and components has been satisfactorily completed and codified for proper identification;
(e) establishing and implementing procedures that ensure orderly transfer of responsibility from the construction to the commissioning group for structures, systems, and components;
(f) ensuring that an opportunity is provided for operating personnel to gain plant experience; typically this is done by utilizing the appropriate personnel, as required, for commissioning activities;
(g) ensuring that the prerequisites for the commissioning program are satisfied, and that preoperational tests such as functional, logic, interlock, and system integrity checks are completed;
(h) ensuring that the systems are commissioned safely and to confirm that the written operating procedures are adequate;
(I) ensuring that the commissioning procedures comply with the appropriate radiological safety rules and regulations;
(j) directing the operation of systems within the commissioning program and update operational flow-sheets, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedures based on commissioning experience;
(k) implementing all tests in the commissioning program,
(1) making suitable arrangements for testing and maintaining systems (particularly safety-related items) for which responsibility has been accepted;
(m) ensuring that performance of containment structures is In accordance with the design intent, including all aspects of radiological protection;
(n) ensuring that the commissioning program has been satisfactorily completed; (o) issuing commissioning reports;
(p) providing up-to-date baseline information to the operating group and the operating organization; and
(q) reporting to the operating organization any deficiency detected during the commissioning test in order to allow corrective actions to be taken.CSA N287.1-93 pdf free download.

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