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CSA N290.6-09 pdf free download

CSA N290.6-09 pdf free download.Requirements for monitoring and display of nuclear power plant safety functions in the event of an accident.
The following information applicable to the facility as designed, including the design requirements, shall be included in the design manual or other manuals:
Note: For those components or portions of a facility thor ore shored with a process system or a special safety system, reference may be mode to the particular system design manual.
(a) general conceptual approaches being followed in the design to meet the requirements of this Standard (e.g., separation details, measures to mitigate the effects of the various possible failure modes, measures to ensure operation following natural and human-induced phenomena, operator- system communication techniques, redundancy);
(b) deviations from this Standard, with corresponding justification of the alternative arrangements;
(c) a list of other Codes and Standards that have been followed in the design of the facility;
(d) a list of the equipment whose performance might not meet the performance requirements for the full
life of the plant. This list shall include the following:
(i) the equipment;
(ii) the criteria dictating the shortened life span; and
(iii) the expected life span;
(e) a list of the expected performance characteristics of the facility, i.e., a comparison of the expected performance of the facility with the requirements as established in the design basis. This list shall include the following:
(i) a description of the methods or design features employed in various portions of the information chain to accommodate the effects of natural phenomena, human-induced phenomena, operational conditions, cross-link effects, and analysis uncertainties;
(ii) a detailed breakdown of the expected performance of each portion of the information chain, including unavailability, range, accuracy, and response time, along with information on the sources of data used to make these calculations; and
(iii) summaries of the expected overall unavailability, range, accuracy, and response time; and (f) a description of the proposed information chain verification method(s), to assure proper operation.
8 Quality assurance program
The design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and documentation of the system shall meet the requirements of the applicable CSA N286 Standard(s).
In addition to the applicable information specified by the CSA N286 series of Standards, the following
information shall be documented:
(a) results of qualification tests verifying that equipment will perform during the operational and accident conditions specified;
(b) where the qualification has been ensured by methods other than equipment testing, the analyses verifying the adequacy of the equipment;CSA N290.6-09 pdf free download.

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