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CSA N294-2019 pdf free download

CSA N294-2019 pdf free download.Decommissioning of facilities containing nuclear substances.
5.2.5 Decommissioning records
Decommissioning records shall Include, as applicable,
a) the DDP(s);
b) public and Indigenous engagement/communication records (as per CNSC REGDOC-3.2.2);
c) if required by the AHJ, an impact assessment or environmental review in accordance with applicable legislation;
d) licences and permits required for the decommissioning work;
e) the plans and procedures used In decommissioning;
f) reports and other documents that describe
i) the criteria used to define radioactive and hazardous materials and to distinguish contaminated from uncontaminated materials;
ii) the criteria used to define the final contamination status of the facility;
iii) the principles and models used in deriving the criteria In Items I) and Ii);
iv) the residual radionuclide inventory after decontamination;
v) the amounts of radioactive and hazardous materials removed and the disposition method;
vi) waste management and transfer records;
vii) the equipment and materials removed from the facility for recycling or use elsewhere, their treatment prior to removal from the site, and the disposition method;
viii) the survey methods and the types of instruments used;
ix) the equipment, nuc’ear and non-nuclear materials, and structures remaining at the end of decommissioning; and
x) land remediation undertaken, results of verification analyses as compared to criteria used or derived for soil and water quality, and the disposition of affected media,
g) reports, other documents, and photographs describing findings from inspections, modifications, and repairs to SSCs;
h) reports and other documents that describe unplanned or unusual occurrences;
i) results and interpretations of environmental monitoring programs;
j) occupational dose records;
k) deviations from plans and procedures;
I) quality assurance records;
m) storage-with-surveillance plans;
n) facility inspection, maintenance, and equipment records;
o) the final radiological and hazardous materials surveys; and
p) interim and final end-state reports.
5.3 Public and Indigenous communication and engagement.CSA N294-2019 pdf free download.

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