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CSA N294-2019 pdf free download

CSA N294-2019 pdf free download.Decommissioning of facilities containing nuclear substances.
F.1 End-state of decommissioning
F. 1.1
The end-state of decommissioning is the physical, chemical, and radiological condition of the site at the end of the decommissioning. Knowledge of the proposed interim or final end-state is essential to planning the appropriate level of decommissioning effort.
Note: Where a decommissioning project is to take place in discrete phases, an interim end-state should be proposed for each phase.
F. 1.2
Potential end-states should be discussed with stakeholders to obtain their input, views, and any concerns. Feedback from stakeholders should be considered along with technical and financial feasibility and regulatory requirements in making decisions on the end-state.
Further guidance on the recommended process for establishing end-states and end-state objectives is provided in the flowchart in Figure F.1.
The proposed end-state(s) should include a description of the anticipated future use of, or any anticipated restriction on, the future use of the lands and remaining structures. During the early stages of decommissioning planning, it might be sufficient to describe the future use of the site in terms of
a) “restricted use” or “unrestricted use”; and
b) a generic land use such as agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, or residential.
Intentions regarding future use of the site should become more certain as planning advances, and the proposed end-state should eventually include descriptions of both the anticipated occupancy and use of the site and the activities likely to occur in the surrounding areas. However, it should be recognized that intentions could change over time for reasons that are difficult to anticipate.
Note: Additional guidance on generic land uses is provided by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment in “A Protocolfor the Derivation of Environmental and Human Health Soil Quality Guidelines”. Additional guidance is also available in the document entitled, “Record of Site Condition — A Guide on Site Assessment, the Cleanup of Brownfield Sites and the Filing of Records of Site Conditions” published by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
Definition of the proposed end-state(s) might also require consideration of factors such as protection of environmentally sensitive areas, potential impacts on ground waters, and the socioeconomic consequences of the decommissioning.CSA N294-2019 pdf free download.

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