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CSA N299.3-2019 pdf free download

CSA N299.3-2019 pdf free download.Quality assurance program requirements for the supply of items and services for nuclear power plants, Category 3.
7.10 Measuring and testing equipment (M&TE)
For all measuring and testing equipment(M&TE)used for item and service acceptance, the supplier
a) document, implement, and maintain a process for selection, use, calibration, and control of M&TE,
including physical standards and devices used for controlling and confirming item or service quality;
b) verify and document the ability of the software to satisfy the intended application for cases where
software is used in the actual calibration of the M&TE prior to initial use, and re-verify when
changes to the software are implemented
c)review the technical requirements for the item or service to ensure that applicable M&TE is
available, and ensure that the equipment has measurement and testing capability, stability,
accuracy, tolerance, and range compatible with the intended application;
d) examine newly acquired M&TE, and calibrate it to the extent necessary to ensure valid
measurement before use
e) establish calibration intervals such that the M&TE remains within accepted tolerances;
f) document, implement, and maintain calibration descriptions defining equipment description
dentification number, location, calibration interval, calibration method, acceptance criteria, and
action to take when results are unsatisfactory,
g) calibrate and use M&TE in an environment controlled to the extent necessary to ensure valid
h) calibrate M&TE using reference standards whose calibration
i) is certified as being traceable to nationally recognized standards
ii)has been derived from accepted values of natural physical constants; or
has been derived from the ratio type of self-calibrating tech
Where Sub-items i)to ii) do not apply, the supplier shall demonstrate and document the basis for
i) ensure that M&TE is uniquely identified and traceable to its application and use
j)ensure that M&TE is suitably marked, tagged, labelled, or otherwise identified to indicate
calibration status and the scheduled date of its next calibration, and then establish traceability to
alibration record
k)seal or otherwise safeguard access to adjustable devices on M&TE, which are affixed at the time
calibration, to deter tampering. The supplier shall not use equipment with damaged seals or
1)maintain a calibration record for each piece of M&TE and record as-found and as-left
m)maintain a system for handling and storing all M&TE which prevents mishandling, damage, or
change in dimensional or functional characteristics
n) identify and remove from service M&TE that has failed in operation, is damaged, or is suspected of
having deviated from its established measurement capability or is past its calibration date.CSA N299.3-2019 pdf free download.

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