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CSA S406-92 pdf free download

CSA S406-92 pdf free download.Construction of Preserved Wood Foundations.
Note: Strops used to connect the wall stud to the main floor should be at least 600 mm (24 in) In length. See Table 7,, and Figures A 9 and A20 for illustrations,
9.4.4 Nailing When Backfill Height Is Not Uniform
For rectangular preserved wood foundations having a difference in backfill height on opposite walls, the walls that are perpendicular to these opposite walls shall have sheathing-to-framing nail spacing conforming to Tables 8A to 8E, or the foundation shall be designed to provide the required racking resistance.
(1) Where stairway openings occur in critical locations, floors should be checked for diaphragm deflection. Floors having lengths greater than 15 m (.50 ft), or length-to-width ratios exceeding 4:1 should also be checked for diaphragm deflection by a qualified structural engineer. Where joists run parallel to the long direction, special care may be necessary to avoid diaphragm deflection.
(2) Lateral deflection of the floor generally is significant only with wolkout basements. Where excessive deflection may occur, interior basement partitions should be designed by a qualified structural engir&eeras shear walls.
(3) All wall sheathing panel edges ore required to be backed with 38 mm (2 in) or wider framing. Sheathing may be Installed either horizontally or vertically. Space nails at 300 mm (12 In) on the centre along intermediate framing members.
(4) Staples are not considered to be adequate for the purposes of this Clause.
9.5 Foundation Columns
Columns supporting floor beams In the Interior of the structure, or forming part of the exterior foundation wall (see Figure Al 0), shall be constructed in conformance with column requirements in the appropriate building code. Column footings shall conform to Clause 8.3 or to Clause 8.4, as applicable.
9.6 Interior Loadbearing Walls
In addition to the requirements for interior loadbearing wood frame walls In the
appropriate building code, such walls shall be supported by wood footing plates (see
Figure Al 3) conforming to Clause 8.2 or by concrete footings conforming to Clause 8.4.
9.7 Wood Sleeper Floors
9.7.1 General
Wood sleeper floors (see Figure Al 4) shall be constructed to prevent the Inward movement of exterior walls due to lateral pressure. Construction shall conform to the minimum requirements for wood frame construction In the appropriate building code and the additional requirements of Clauses 9.7.2 and 9.7.3. The clear distance between wood sleepers supporting the floor joists may be used as the span in determining the size requirements for the joists.CSA S406-92 pdf free download.

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