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CSA S6-2019 pdf free download

CSA S6-2019 pdf free download.Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. Cast-In-place deck slabs
Full-depth cast-in-place deck slabs shall satisfy the following requirements:
a) As shown in Figure j, the deck slab shall contain two orthogonal assemblies of reinforcement, near the top and bottom of the slab, respectively, with the reinforcement ratio p in each direction in each assembly being at least 0.003, except as specified in Item b). For all assemblies of reinforcement, the value of p shall be calculated using an effective depth of concrete, d, equal to the distance between the top of the slab and the centroid of the lowest reinforcement assembly.
b) The value of p may be reduced to 0.002 where deck slabs with the reduced reinforcement can be satisfactorily constructed and the reduction of p below 0.003 is approved by the owner.
c) Reinforcing bars closest to the top and bottom of the slab shall be laid perpendicular to the axes of the beams or shall be laid on a skew parallel to the lines of beam supports.
d) Where the transverse reinforcing bars are placed on a skew, the reinforcement ratio for these bars shall not be less than p/cos2O, where 0 is the skew angle.
e) Where the unsupported length of the edge stiffening beam, S, exceeds 5 m, the reinforcement ratio, p, in the end regions of the deck slab shall be increased to 0.006, as shown in Figure 8.8.
f) The spacing of the reinforcement in each direction and in each assembly shall not exceed 300 mm. Cast-In-place deck slabs on precast panels General
Deck slabs composed of partial-depth precast concrete panels and a composite cast-in-place concrete topping layer shall satisfy the requirements of Clauses 8. and 3.4.3. PartIal-depth precast panels
Partial-depth precast panels acting compositely with the cast-in-place topping and the supporting beams shall satisfy the following requirements:
a) The design of the panels shall account for handling and construction methods, including transfer and development lengths.
b) The thickness of a given panel shall not be less than 90 mm and shall not exceed 0.55 times the total depth of the composite deck slab (precast panel plus cast-in-place topping).
c) The effective span of a given panel shall be taken to be the distance between the centres of bedding supports, as described in Item k).
d) The effective span of precast panels with only non-prestressed reinforcement shall not exceed 2.0 m.
e) A given panel shall contain transverse reinforcement in the form of either pretensioning strands or reinforcing bars located at the mid-depth of the panel.
f) For panels reinforced transversely with pretensioning strands, the following requirements shall be satisfied:CSA S6-2019 pdf free download.

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