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CSA S806-2012 pdf free download

CSA S806-2012 pdf free download.Design and construction of building structures with fibre-reinforced polymers.
FRC substrate is produced by combining cementitious materials, granular materials, and water with additives and fibre reinforcement. This composite is referred to as fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC). If the reinforcement is a glass fibre, the combination is referred to as glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GFRC). The general reference to FRC will be used throughout this Annex. Fibre reinforced concrete shall conform to the requirements of Clauses 7.3.2 and 7.3.3. Physical properties shall be tested in accordance with Clause to determine compliance with the physical properties outlined in Clause 7.3.3 and this Annex.
P.2 Materials and composition of FRC
P.2.1 General
The cemerititious matrix shall consist of Portland cement or Portland-limestone cement fibre
reinforcement, sand, admixtures, and water, in accordance with the material requirements outlined in
Clause 7.3.2.
Reinforcement used with cementitious formulations is required to increase the performance of these groups of composites. The physical properties required, such as high tensile and impact strength, will dictate the orientation of the reinforcing materials.
P.2.2 Concrete materials P.2.2.1 (:cmcnt
Portland cement, Portland-limestone cement, and cementitious material conforming to CAN/CSA-A3000 should be used in FRC, The producer shall have a choice of the type and kind of cement to use to achieve the specified properties of the product. Cements shall be selected to provide predictable strength and durability as well as proper colour. Cement performance can be influenced by atmospheric conditions, and the choice of cement has an influence on finishing techniques, mix design requirements, and spray-up procedures.
Cement used in face mixes or mist coats shall be controlled for co’our uniformity. Cement shall be provided from one manufacturer using one colour, brand, and type, preferably from one production batch, throughout a given project. The use of white Portland cement or white Portland-limestone cement will provide the most colour uniformity.
New cements are coming on the market that have been developed specifically for FRC. They have unique properties for the enhancement of FRC’s long-term properties.
P.2.2.2 Facing materials
Wath FRC, any change in face mix materials or proportions will affect the surface appearance. If the face mix is exposed by sandblasting. retarders, or other means, the colour becomes increasingly dependent on the fine and coarse aggregates. A change in aggregate proportions, colour, or gradation will affect the uniformity of the finish, particularly where the aggregate is exposed.
Where fine and coarse aggregates are used for exposed finishes on the face of FRC panels, they should be clean, hard, strong, durable, inert, and free of staining or deleterious material.CSA S806-2012 pdf free download.

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