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CSA S807-10 pdf free download

CSA S807-10 pdf free download.Specification for fibre-reinforced polymers.
lsophthallc polyester resin — a thermosetting resin made with isophthalic acid and a monomer through glycol reaction.
Longitudinal axis – the axis selected for coupon sampling and testing.
Low shrink/low profile additive – – a special thermoplastic resin added to a thermosetting resin to reduce its shrinkage and to provide a smoother finish.
Manufacturer — a person, or persons, representing the organization that manufactures the FRP.
Manufacturing – a process that includes the following methods:
(a) placing and arranging the fibres and fibre forms;
(b) introducing the matrix into and around the fibres; and
(c) activating the resin to produce a cured FRP.
Matrix — a homogeneous polymer in which the fibre system of an FRP is embedded.
Mechanical properties — properties of a material related to the interaction between stresses and strains.
Owner – a person, or persons, having responsibility for and control of the structure in which the FRPs are used.
Owners quality assurance tests — tests that are conducted by the owner, or an agent of the owner, to determine whether an individual production lot of materials conforms to the specifications of the owner.
Polymer – a substance consisting of molecules characterized by the repetition of one or more types of monomeric units.
Primary fibre a fibre material added to the matrix that significantly controls the mechanical properties of the FRP.
Production lot — product manufactured from the same nominal raw materials under the same conditions.
Note TpicaMy, a çxoducrion lot should begin and end every time a new set-up is made on the production line and/or each time the production lot number of any row matenol3 is changed.
Physical properties — properties of a material other than those related to chemical change and the interaction between stresses and strains.
Pultrusion — the process of manufacturing FRPs by drawing resin-impregnated fibres through a die.
Qualification tests — a series of tests conducted under the supervision of independent qualified persons or organizations competent in the field in accordance with various standards to establish conformance with this Standard.CSA S807-10 pdf free download.

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