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CSA W48-2014 pdf free download

CSA W48-2014 pdf free download.Filler metals and allied materials for metal arc welding.
E7OC6M electrodes that have met the requirements of thIs Standard using M21. and another shielding gas with an argon • X% CO, mixture shall be certified for all other shielding gases between those compositions. An electrode that has met the requirements of this Standard using argon • X1% 0, and argon • X,% 0, shall be certified for all other shielding gases between those compositions. Electrodes shall be classified using the open classification system specified in AWS AS.36/AS.36M
7.4 Weld metal test assemblies
7.4.1 AlIweld- metal test assembly
When radiographic, tensile, or impact testing is required, a test assembly as shown in Figure 1 shall be prepared in accordance with Clauses to
The test assembly shaH be welded in the flat position under the conditions spec ified in Table 16 and as shown ii Figure 1. using the electrode size specified in Clause 7.1.3 and the base metal specified in Clause 7.2. The thickness and root opening of the test plate shall be as specified in Table 17. The test assembly may be restrained during welding and/or preset to prevent eesssve warpage. A welded test assembly that has warped more than S Out of plane shall be discarded Welded test assemblies shall not be straightened. For low alloy steel SMAW electrodes, and when not using matching base material for chromium and chromium-nIckel steel SMAW electrodes, the edges of the grooves and the contacting surface of the backing shall be surfaced by any electrode of matching composition before welding the )oarit (see Figure 1). The test assembly shall be tacked at room temperature and shall be preheated to a temperature at or above the minimum temperature specified in Table iS before welding begins. The pass and layer sequences shall be in accordance with Clause 7.4.13. The requirements of Clause 7.41.4 or as applicable, shall be followed Welding shall maintain an enterpass temperature specified in Table 15. The temperature shall be measured with indicating crayons or surface thermometers at the location shown In Figure 1 and shall be maintained for the remainder of the welding. Pass and layer sequences
The pass and layer sequences shall be substantially as shown In Table 17. The direction of welding for each pass shalt not vary. However, the direction of welding for different passes may be atternated Interruption of welding — Shielded metal arc
if it is necessary to interrupt the welding procedure specified in Clause 7.4 1.2, the assembly shall be maintained at the witerpass temperature or allowed to cool in still air When welding is to resume, the assembly shall be within the specified preheat and interpass temperatures before weld passes are deposited. The procedure for completing the weld shall be as specified en Clause W48-2014 pdf free download.

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