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CSA Z21.15a-2012 pdf free download

CSA Z21.15a-2012 pdf free download.Addenda to the Second Edition of ANSI Z21.15-2009/CSA 9.1-2009 American National Standard! CSA Standard for Manually Operated Gas Valves For Appliances, Appliance Connector Valves And Hose End Valves.
Method of Test
This test shall be conducted at the manufacturer’s specified maximum ambient temperature.
Valves incorporating a flow adjustment screw shall be tested for leakage with the adjustment screw in any normal adjustment position from completely closed to that permitting the maximum rate of gas flow, and with the cap, plug, lock nut, or other concealment or sealing means, if provided, tightly in place.
Five new samples of each type of valve shall be subjected to this test, all of which shall comply.
A valve incorporated in a control having a bypass around the valve shall be tested under this provision with the bypass sealed by any convenient means.
Each universal gas burner valve sample shall be tested for leakage when set to deliver each gas (i.e. Natural gas setting and LP gas setting).
The inlet of the valve under test shall be connected to a pneumatic system capable of supplying clean dry air at the test pressures and to a flow measuring device capable of accurately indicating the allowable flow. The flow measuring device shall be located between the air supply and the inlet of the valve.
The valves shall be placed in a test oven and heated to the manufacturer’s specified maximum ambient temperature ± 5°F (± 2.8°C), as indicated by a thermocouple attached to one of the valves. The valves shall be maintained at this temperature for one hour and throughout the remainder of this test.
With the valve closed and with the outlet open, air shall be admitted and maintained at a pressure of 2.0 in wc (498 Pa) until equilibrium conditions are attained, after which the leakage shall be measured. The pressure shall then be increased slowly to 3 psi (20.7 kPa) and maintained at that pressure until equilibrium conditions are attained, after which the leakage shall again be measured.
The above tests shall be repeated with the valve open and with the outlet sealed. The leakage rate under any test condition shall not exceed 2.62 in3/hr (20 cm3/hr) of air corrected to standard conditions of 30 in Hg (101 .3 kPa) pressure and 60°F (15.5°C).
The above test shall be conducted at 3/4 psi (5.1 7 kPa) rather than at 3 psi (20.7 kPa) for a manual valve where the inlet gas pressure cannot act to reduce the seating force of the valve member.
2.3 Capacity
Pilot shut-off valves, pilot shut-off devices and pilot adjustment valves need not comply with this provision.CSA Z21.15a-2012 pdf free download.

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