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CSA Z462-12 pdf free download

CSA Z462-12 pdf free download.Workplace electrical safety. Type of training
The training required by Clause 4.1.6 shall be classroom or on-the-job training, or both. The degree of training provided shall be determined in accordance with the risk to the worker. Emergency procedures
Workers exposed to shock hazards and those workers responsible for taking action in case of emergency shall be trained in methods of release of victims from contact with exposed energized electrical conductors or circuit parts.
Workers shall regularly receive training in methods of first aid and emergency procedures, e.g., approved methods of resuscitation and automatic external defibrillator (AED) use, if their duties warrant such training. Training of workers in approved methods of resuscitation, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, shall be verified by the employer annually (see Clause 4.1 .6.4.3). Worker training Qualified persons
Qualified persons shall be trained in and knowledgeable about the construction and operation of equipment or a specific work method and trained to recognize and avoid the electrical hazards that might be present with respect to that equipment or work method. The following requirements shall also apply:
(a) Such persons shall be familiar with the proper use of the applicable special precautionary techniques and personal protective equipment (PPE), including arc flash, insulating and shielding materials, and insulated tools and test equipment.
Note: A person can be qualified for certain tasks and in the use of certain equipment and methods and yet be unqualified for other tasks and in the use of other equipment and methods.
(b) Such persons permitted to work within the limited approach boundary of exposed energized electrical conductors and circuit parts operating at 50 V or more shall, at a minimum, be additionally trained in the following:
(i) the skills and techniques necessary to distinguish exposed energized electrical conductors and circuit parts from other parts of electrical equipment;
(ii) the skills and techniques necessary to determine the nominal voltage of exposed energized electrical conductors and circuit parts;
(iii) the approach distances specified in Tables 1 A and 1 B and the corresponding voltages to which the qualified person will be exposed; and
(iv) the decision-making process necessary to determine the degree and extent of the hazard and the PPE and job planning necessary to perform the task safely.
(c) A worker who is undergoing on-the-job training for the purpose of obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be considered a qualified person and who, in the course of such training, has demonstrated an ability to perform specific duties safely at his or her level of training and who is under the direct supervision of a qualified person shall be considered to be a qualified person for the performance of those duties.CSA Z462-12 pdf free download.

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