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CSA Z900.2.1-17 pdf free download

CSA Z900.2.1-17 pdf free download.Tissues for assisted reproduction.
b) current health privacy laws regarding the disclosure of the donor’s identity;
c) the implications for the donor and his or her family. Donors should be invited to consider, where
i) the reasons why they want to become donors;
ii) the possibility of experiencing their own future fertility problems;
iii) their attitudes towards any children born as a result of their donation, including the possible future desire or need of these children to contact or know them, or to contact or know other children born to the donor(s) or to other recipients;
iv) their expectations concerning any future relationship with the prospective legal parents of their genetic offspring;
v) their attitudes regarding the use of their gametes, or embryos created using their gametes, for research;
vi) the needs of their own (current or future) children regarding half-siblings created through donation of these gametes; and
vii) the range of potential recipients of donations of reproductive tissues, including LGBTQ people and single parents by choice;
d) current legislation concerning the legal rights and status of the parties involved in gamete/embryo donation and the possible benefit in seeking a legal consultation;
e) the gamete/embryo donors’ rights as well as any applicable jurisdictional requirements regarding limitations on the number of families who receive their donations;
f) the required medical and psychosocial screening procedures they will need to undergo, including i) a thorough and clinical, psychosocial, sexual, and genetic history;
ii) physical examination;
iii) the obtaining and testing of blood, reproductive tissue, urine, urethral, endocervical, and/or other specimens for existing infectious agents;
iv) review of their medical files with any other health professional;
v) the testing of tissue donations and archived serum samples for new infectious agents; and
vi) the waiver of further consent to additional testing of archived serum samples or reproductive tissue donation if the donor fails to maintain contact with the reproductive tissue processor;
g) the importance of updating relevant heaLth information and current contact information, as well as genetic conditions that develop in their blood relatives, as new health information becomes available;
h) any applicable requirements to maintain contact with the processor in the event further consent is required for additional testing;
i) the potential notification of the donor and public health authorities of positive infectious disease test results;
j) provisions and options for the notification of the donor of potential genetic anomalies;
k) awareness that there can be legal requirements applying to the collection, use, disclosure, and destruction of health reporting information;CSA Z900.2.1-17 pdf free download.

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