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CSA Z900.2.5-17 pdf free download

CSA Z900.2.5-17 pdf free download.Lymphohematopoietic cells for transplantation.
An allogeneic donor in Canada shall be excluded if any of the following contraindications apply:
a) persons with pnon•related disease;
b) persons with a potentially transmissible neurological disease of an unestablished etiology;
c) persons with active encephalitis or meningitis of infectious or unknown etiology;
d) persons with rabies or persons who, within the past six months, were bitten by an animal and treated as if the animal was rabid;
e) persons with a history of infection with HIV, clinically active HCV, or clinically active HBV;
f) persons with a family history of Creutzfeldt-iakob disease;
g) persons who have received human-derived pituitary growth hormone within the following time frames:
i) prior to 1986 if the treatment took place in Canada or the US; or
ii) if the treatment took place in a country other than Canada or the US, anytime that human- derived pituitary growth hormone was available for therapeutic use in that country.
Note: Item g) refers to growth hormone extracted from human pituitary glands and used for therapeutic purposes prior to 1986. The human-derived product was removed from the market in Canada and the US, and replaced with a recombinant manufactured product, due to a possible link between the human-derived product and Creutzfeldt-Jokob disease.
h) persons who have received dura matter;
i) persons with HTLV-l or HTLV-ll;
j) persons with active WNV;
k) persons with syphilis;
I) persons who have known or suspected sepsis at the time of donation;
m) persons previously diagnosed with a hematologic malignancy (e.g., leukemia or lymphoma) or with melanoma; and
n) persons previously diagnosed with other types of cancer; unless they have been evaluated and deemed suitable to donate by a physician, in accordance with the establishment’s SOPs.
Note: Donors previously diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma of the skin, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, or carcinoma in situ of the cervix may be accepted after curative treatment.
In the case of cord blood, the donor questionnaire shall be administered to the birth mother.
In addition to the contraindications in Clause, a donor in Canada who is not a first-degree relative of the recipient shall also be excluded if the donor is at high risk for HIV, HBV, or HCV as specified in Annex E of CAN/CSA-Z900.1.CSA Z900.2.5-17 pdf free download.

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