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CSA Z96-2015 pdf free download

CSA Z96-2015 pdf free download.High-visibility safety apparel.
c) The spray nozzle E shall be rigidly supported in a position that Is fixed relative to the specimen and supplied with tap water at constant but adjustable pressure through a flexible joint F or hose.
The nozzle shall be 100 cm from the specimen and so angled that the spray strikes the specimen at an angle of 10 ± 5 to the vertical. The specimen, specimen holder, and spray nozzle shall be enclosed in a cover G designed to protect the optical apparatus from water.
The cover shall be made of or incorporate large areas of rigid transparent plastic material for visibility and have at least one removable panel or door for access. A square aperture H of size 150 mm shall be provided for the light path and a gutter J shall protect this aperture from falling water. The region of the cover near to this aperture shall be painted matte black to reduce stray reflections. The nozzle shall consist of an orifice of diameter 1.19 mm with an appropriately designed feed pipe producing a substantially uniform solid cone spray. The collector shall be cylindrical, flat bottomed, straight-sided, and transparent. It should have a close-fitting lid. The base dimension shall exceed 25 cm2, while the height shall be no more than 70 mm. Procedure
The apparatus shall be calibrated for measuring the coefficient of retroreflection R4, with the wet- testing apparatus in place, under both dry and wet conditions. A correction for change in stray light between these two conditions shall be determined.
The nozzle and water supply shall be adjusted such that
a) the specimen is subjected to a spray of ordinary tap water such that the whole face of the specimen is within the envelope of the spray;
b) the angle between the surface of the specimen and the water striking Is 10; and
c) the flow rate striking the specimen is equivalent to a rainfall, in millimetres per hour, of 50/tan 10 (284 mm/h) as measured in a horizontal collector.
The flow rate shall be calibrated each day prior to testing and/or following any changes in the adjustable pressure valve setting. The flow rate measurement shall be taken after water pressure at the nozzle is stable and the spray is maintained at a constant rate for a minimum of 2 mm prior to collecting and measuring the equivalent rainfall.CSA Z96-2015 pdf free download.

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