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IEC 60034-2-3-2020 pdf free download

IEC 60034-2-3-2020 pdf free download.Rotating electrical machines — Part 2-3: Specific test methods for determining losses and efficiency of converter-fed AC motors
Machines électriques tournantes — Partie 2-3: Méth odes d’essai spécifiques pour Ia determination des pertes
et du rendement des moteurs a courant alternatif alimentés par convertisseur.
• No additional components influencing output voltage or output current shall be installed between the comparable converter and the motor, except those required for the measuring instruments.
• Operation at 90 % speed and rated torque with constant rated flux (approx. 90 % of rated voltage) for both induction machines and synchronous machines,
NOTE The rated flux is defined by the rated voltage given on the name plate of the motor Therefore, a measurement at the 90 % speed and 100 % torque point with rated flux will be fully replicable for regulation authorities
• For motors with a rated speed up to 3 600 min, the switching frequency shall not be higher than 5 kHz.
• For motors with a rated speed above 3 600 min”1. the switching frequency shall not be higher than 10 kHz.
The conductor cross-sectional area of the motor cable should be selected such that the voltage drop is not significant at rated load. An example for a typical test setup can be found in
IEC 61800-9-2:2017.
5.2.3 Testing with converters with rated voltages above I kV
For converters with voltage ratings above 1 kV a generally accepted comparable converter and cable length cannot be specified. Such motors, cables and specific converters can only be tested as a complete power drive system because the pulse patterns of frequency converters for higher output powers vary between manufacturers and differ greatly between no-load and rated load.
5.2.4 Testing with other converters
Motors that are operated with converters that produce a voltage with less harmonic content than in case of supply by the comparable converter, for example multi-level converters or converters with higher switching frequencies, will typically have lower losses compared with measurements made with the comparable converter at 4 kHz or 8 kHz switching frequency.IEC 60034-2-3 pdf free download.

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