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IEC 60400-2020 pdf free download

IEC 60400-2020 pdf free download.Lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps and starterholders Douilles pour lampes tubulaires a fluorescence et douilles pour starters.
— If the specimen has no flat surface of at least 15 mm x 15 mm, the test may be carried out on a flat surface with reduced dimensions provided drops of liquid do not flow off the specimen during the test. No artificial means should, however, be used to retain the liquid on the surface. In case of doubt, the test may be made on a separate strip of the same material having the required dimensions and manufactured by the same process.
— If the thickness of the specimen is less than 3 mm, two, or if necessary more, specimens should be stacked to obtain a thickness of at least 3 mm.
— The test shall be made at three places of the specimen or on three specimens.
— The electrodes shall be of platinum and the test solution A described in 7.3 of IEC 60112:2003 and IEC 601 12:2003/AMD1:2009 shall be used.
— The specimen shall withstand 50 drops without failure at a test voltage of PTI 175.
— A failure has occurred if a current of 0,5 A or more flows for at least 2 s in a conducting path between the electrodes on the surface of the specimen, thus operating the overcurrent relay, or if the specimen burns without releasing the overcurrent relay.
— Clause 9 of IEC 60112:2003 and lEG 601 12:2003/AMD1:2009 regarding determination of erosion does not apply.
19 Resistance to excessive residual stresses (season cracking) and to rusting
19.1 Contacts and other parts of rolled sheets of copper or copper alloy, the failure of which might cause the holder to become unsafe, shall not be damaged due to excessive residual stresses.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
The surface of the specimens is carefully cleaned, varnish being removed by acetone, grease and fingerprints by petroleum spirit or the like.IEC 60400-2020 pdf free download.

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