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IEC 60838-1-2020 pdf free download

IEC 60838-1-2020 pdf free download.Miscellaneous lampholders — Part 1: General requirements and tests
Douilles diverses pour lampes — Partie 1: Exigences générales et essais.
17.3 External parts of insulating material, including those with a conductive exterior, providing protection against electric shock and parts of insulating material retaining ELV parts in position, are subjected to the glow-wire test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11, subject to the following details.
— The test specimen is a complete holder. It may be necessary to take away parts of the holder to perform the test, but care should be taken to ensure that the test conditions are not significantly different from those occurring in normal use.
— The test specimen is mounted on the carriage and pressed against the glow-wire tip with a force of I N, preferably 15 mm. or more, from the upper edge, into the centre of the surface to be tested. The penetration of the glow-wire into the specimen is mechanically limited to 7 mm.
If it is not possible to make the test on a specimen as described above because the specimen is too small, the above test is made on a separate specimen of the same material 30 mm x 30 mm square and with a thickness equal to the smallest thickness of the specimen and manufactured by the similar process.
— The temperature of the tip of the glow-wire is 650 °C. After 30 s the specimen is withdrawn from contact with the glow-wire tip.
The glow-wire temperature and heating current are constant for 1 mm prior to commencing the test. Care should be taken to ensure that heat radiation does not influence the specimen during this period.
The glow-wire tip temperature is measured by means of a sheathed fine-wire thermocouple constructed and calibrated as described in IEC 60695-2-11.
— Any flame or glowing of the specimen shall extinguish within 30 s of withdrawing the glowwire and any flaming drops shall not ignite a piece of five-layer tissue paper, specified in definition 4.187 of ISO 4046-4:2002, spread out horizontally 200 mm ± 5 mm below the test specimen.
17.4 Parts of insulating material retaining live parts or ELV lamp contacts in position, are subjected to the needle-flame test in accordance with IEC 60695-11-5, subject to the following details.IEC 60838-1-2020 pdf free download.

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