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IEC 60895-2020 pdf free download

IEC 60895-2020 pdf free download.Live working – Conductive clothing Travaux sous tension-Vetements conducteurs. Test procedure The test procedure is as follows.
a) The mass of the complete load, measured to ±0,1 %, shall be calculated from the cage volume in the proportion of (50 ± 2) kg/rn3.
b) Place the conditioned load in the machine and charge the machine with distilled tetrachloroethene, containing 1 g/l of sorbitan mono-oleate so that the liquid ratio, calculated from the volume of solvent in the drum, is (5,5 ± 0,5)1/kg of the load. Maintain the solvent at (30 ± 3) °C throughout the cleaning operation.
c) Prepare a fresh emulsion by mixing, per kilogram of load, 10 ml of sorbitan mono-oleate with 30 ml of tetrachloroethene and then whilst stirring adding 20 ml of water. This corresponds to 2 % of water calculated on the mass of the load.
d) Start the machine with the filter circuit shut off, and 2 mm after the cage inlet has closed, add the emulsion slowly over a period of (30 ± 5) s to the machine between the cage and the drum below the level of the solvent.
e) Switch the machine on and allow it to run for 15 mm. Do not use the filter circuit for the duration of the test.
f) Drain the solvent and centrifugally extract the solvent from the load for 2 mm (including at least 1 mm at full extraction speed).
g) Introduce pure dry solvent at the same ratio as that given in b) and rinse for 5 mm. Drain and extract again for 3 mm (including at least 2 mm at full extraction speed).
h) Dry the load in the machine air for an appropriate time, preferably using an automatic solvent dryness control. After drying, blow air, at ambient temperature, through the rotating load for at least 5 mm.
i) Immediately remove the test pieces from the machine. Place fabric test pieces on a flat surface for 30 mm.
One dry-cleaning cycle will then have been completed.IEC 60895-2020 pdf free download.

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