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IEC 61557-11-2020 pdf free download

IEC 61557-11-2020 pdf free download.Electrical safety in low voltage distribution systems up to 1 000 V AC and 1 500 V DC — Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures — Part 11: Effectiveness of residual current monitors (RCM) in TT, TN and IT systems
Sécurite électrique dans les réseaux de distribution basse tension au plus égale a 1 000 V c.a. et 1 500 V cc. — Dispositifs de contrôle, de mesure ou de surveillance de mesures de protection — Partie 11: Efficacité des contrôleurs d’isolement a cou rant différentiel résiduel (RCM) dans les réseaux TT, TN et IT.
NOTE 2 The actual rise time depends on the system capacitance and the resistive load of the test equipment.
NOTE 3 Smooth DC test current refers to direct current with AC ripple up to 10 % (peak to peak).
4.2.2 Non-operating test
When a test at 50 % or less of the rated residual operating current is used to test the reliability
of the RCM is included, the minimum test period shall be 10 s. The alarm shall not be activated. When a non-operating test at 50 % or less of the rated residual operating current is included, the operating uncertainty of the calibrated test current shall not exceed 0 % to —10 % of the specified non-operating test current.
NOTE Existing leakage currents downstream can influence the verification.
4.2.3 Test of actuating time
If the set actuating time of the RCM is being tested with the test equipment, the setting of the test period on the test device shall have a resolution of minimum 0,5 s ranging up to 10 s. The setting uncertainty shall not exceed 0 % to —10 % of the set value. The test shall solely be performed with calibrated AC test current.
Other methods for the acquisition of the actuating time via optical recognition or interfacing are permissible.
NOTE The general function of RCMs is not to disconnect the power supply when a residual current above the value of the rated residual operating current occurs. The RCM indicates the increase of the residual current above the residual operating current with a signalling device, for example a lamp, buzzer, contact relay or interface-signal. Thus, the response time can only be tested via the visual or additional electrical detection of this signal.
According to lEG 62020-1, the actuating time of the RCM may only amount to a maximum of 10 s. The response time shall be specified by the manufacturer or shall be adjustable on the device.IEC 61557-11-2020 pdf free download.

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